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Parents and teachers, what do you think?

I'm working on a children's book. It's moving along quite nicely, and I've gotten good reviews to those I've shared it with. It's set up in scrapbook format with pictures and entries, written in a dog's point of view. So far there are entries about her new home, Halloween, meeting other dogs, going to the groomer,... It has a bit of humor in it.

I'm a teacher and I have shared it with my students. They love it.

The plan is to (hopefully) get it published, and once I do, I would like to set up a website with lessons and activities to go along with each book (yes, I'm hoping for a series). I would also like to have an author's MySpace aside from my personal MySpace and possibly have the dog's MySpace linked to mine.

I know it's a stretch, but I'm really excited about it, and the response so far has been enthusiastic and encouraging. What do you think?

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    It sounds like a great idea. My daughter had a book about grief of children published. Everyone loved the book, but her publisher ripped her off. She got only 25 cents a copy. Since it was to be used in a hospice setting, he sent "free" books to hospices for them to review. I know they copied the book and used it with their hospice kids. So, be careful. Make sure the publisher gives you a fair price. Then, look into publishing it yourself, if needed. Good luck. Best wishes.

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    Yes, go for it. The idea sounds interesting and enjoyable. You'd actually have a bonus to offer a publisher with the idea of lessons and activities to go along with the book. Rather than seeing that as a website you'd like to set up on your own, look at it as a possible selling point. When you put a book in front of a publisher, they are thinking about the business side of things as much as anything else. The best seller list is one thing; educational book sales are another. In other words, if you can offer a publisher the option of lessons and activities for students or readers, then you've got a fun and educational book, and you've got parents everywhere looking for that kind of thing. Schools look for them, as well.

    Include the lessons and activities in the package with the book when you start looking for publishers, and you're showing them sales already. It's an option to think about. Good luck with the book!

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    Awesome idea, let me tell you how to do it.

    After printing out the pages, put it away from at least 6 weeks, the bare minimum. After that, read it through without making any changes or marks. How does it sound to you? Then, take a red pen and go crazy, making little margin notes, crossing out words, etc. Look for grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc.

    Buy a copy of Writer's Market and look for agent listings. When you've found one suitable, send out a query letter based on their guidelines. If they want to see the rest fo their book, either send it via email or snail mail, depending on the agency. If they agree to represent you, you are ahead of the ballgame.

    Now look in Writer's Market for publishers suitable to your genre. Send out a query-or not, some do not want them- specified to their guidelines. Wait 6 weeks to 2 months for a response. If, in the end, you're book will be published, the editor will suggest changes, and I recommend you listen, these guys know what they're talking about. Expect 6 months to a year and a half for it to hit the shelves.

    But expect rejection. Every writer has gotten it, you just need to eat it for breakfast and move on.


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    What a great idea. Publishers love series. In addition to My Space, plan on autograph signings, radio and TV appearances. Good for you.

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    It sounds like you got a good thing going and the way you described what you plan on doing makes me want to read your book myself, and I am a 43 year old male! But I'm still a kid at heart.

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