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How do I ENJOY Valentines Day?

I'm 12 and I don't have a boyfriend...

I'm sad, Valentines Day makes me feel like a loser..

Can anyone give me some tips on how to enjoy it?

thanks :)


Well... I do have a crush... but..still

I feel very alone sometimes :(

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    Valentines Day is the day to spend with loved ones. So spend it with your friends or your family.

    Don't let the media make you stress out about it.

    Do something special for yourself that day.

    Whatever it is you like doing, do it - be it playing video games, reading, watching your favourite movie, etc.

    It doesn't have to be a sad day.

    I have a bf and he doesn't believe in Valentines Day. He says that you should treat your sweetie special every day of the year not just on one day that the card and flower people make up so you will buy them. He has a point, and he does treat me special most of the time.

    You are only 12 and there is lots of time to find the right guy and enjoy Valentines day later on.

    So just do something that you like doing and spend it with your friends or family.

    Another idea is that you could go and visit old people in the old age home cuz they probably don't have any family and they will probably be lonely remembering their loved ones.

    Take them some cupcakes and a book and read to them.

    That will make their day special and you will feel good about yourself for helping others to feel good too.

    but set it up before hand by calling around to some in your city and see when a good time to do that would be.

    good luck

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    When your 12 you shouldn't worry about having a boyfriend. I am 18 now and remember being the same way you are. Don't worry the time will come for you to have your first boyfriend. Until then just enjoy time with your friends.

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    don't feel bad for a minute...there a lot of single people and from what i remember at 12 you shouldn't feel lonely at all because you have many years to come and have many boyfriends....why don't you throw a little valentines day party and invite your crush and some close friends...or if you can't do that set a valentines dinner for all you single friends and all you guys can go out to a romantic dinner boys and girls...have it like a dress up thing at a nice Italian restaurant or something....thats what me and my friends did one much fun and a excuse to get out of the house...have fun

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    That grow to be sooo humorous Fisherman. You in no way disappoint us. Being the romantic that i'm, i respect Valentines Day. I always make a huge deal of it if I take position to have a particular guy in my existence. I make each of the valentine playing cards sweet etc that I deliver to my grandchildren and in no way ignore to deliver to my toddlers and associates. i extremely seem ahead to getting playing cards, sweet or in spite of the reality that individual same to I did as a touch lady.

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    Oh, if you're 12 and don't have a boyfriend, you are definitely a loser.

    Give me a break. You're a little kid, not some mature woman looking for a man. Enjoy your childhood. Valentine's day shouldn't mean anything to you.

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    Valentine's day is not just for lovers. Valentine's day is also to express your love and your appreciation for others. You could send a card to your grandmother, your nephew, your parents, your best friend, others. You could make valentine for old people in nursing homes or buy a stuff animal and denote it to the peds center at the local hospital. Try to make others' valentine's day happy and you will be happy too.

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    You shouldn't feel bad,

    your too young anyways.

    You could eat your favorite chocolates.

    That could cheer up your mood.

    Call some of your close friends and spend the whole day together.

    Sooner or later your special Valentine will come to you, so look forward to that.

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    I am 14 and I still don't have a bf...

    Don't worry; boys are mentally about 2 years behind us. They still haven't figured out how to ask a girl out yet.

    If you don't make a big deal out of Valentine's day, it won't be one.

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    just sit in fount of your fire with a cup of tea,coffee,hot chochlet

    and watch a movie or something.

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