How to send a text message from Mexico to Australia (mobile-mobile)?


I need to send a text message from my mobile in Mexico to a mobile in Australia. I've got the number and it looks like 0441234567, also I know that the international number of Australia is "61" but I haven't found the way of send my message.


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    Your number in Mexico doesn't include the 044, that is used only for local calling within your phone's city. So you are left with only seven digits - you are missing your Mexican city code and should have a total of 10 digits including the city code. So in your case the city code is three digits you need to find. Look it up here if this helps:

    For you sending an international number to Australia, you need to send first using the plus sign "+" followed by the country code, then ten digit phone number. For example, if she has a number beginning with 04 (you drop the first zero before 04 of the cell number which leaves only nine digits including the "4"):


    (This is the 04 code in Austrailia - not the unrelated 044 in Mexico)

    You usually get the "+" sigh by rapidly pressing the * twice on the phone's keypad.

    I can't see what your Aussie number is - but this works. If you are still having problems, I have always solved them by emailing her to text a message to me first and then I reply to it and notice what the number is. To text message you,

    she will need to do this +52XXX1234567. "XXX" is your city code which you need to know and can look up in that link I pasted in.

    Maybe she doesn't need to insert first the "+" sign from Australia, but from Mexico, we need to use it. Just remember the "044" is not part of your mexican number and it is not a city code, and is not used with anything except local dialing (it really means, when a land phone calls you in your local cell phone area that they are agreeing to pay for the call. In Mexico we dial 044 before all mobile phones when dialing them locally so the land phone knows he will pay a higher rate. We use 045 when dialing long distance cell phones so we know we have to pay even more extra, but these codes are not used internationally.

    International callers to Mexican cell phones do dial the cell phones differently to talk. They have to add a "1" after the 52 Mex country code. So if your sister wants to talk to you, she needs to dial 52(1)-XXX-123-4567 where the XXX is your mex phone city code. That (1) tells them that they will be charged at the international mobile phone dialing rate in effect for Mexico which is higher than calling a Mex land line.

    Sorry but I don't make the rules and they are complicated to use.

    Good Luck!

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    I think you should remove their phone number from the internet.

    But to send it you will need to drop the first 0, so it will be 6144.....

    And you need a dialing out number,,usually 00 I think? so 006144......

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