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My computer isn't turning on!?

My other computer is not turning on. When I try to turn it on, the screen light just blinks, and that's it.

what might be causing the problem? the comp is about 13 months old. not old at all. =(

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    Hi jj,

    Try simple steps first:

    1. Check all the cables are connected properly.

    2. Check the response of your machine when turned on, i.e. is the fan of the power supply starts to spin?

    2A. If the fan of power supply starts to spin, it means the power cables are o.k.

    2B. If the fan does not spin, it means that there is something wrong with power cables.

    3. Check the response of your monitor's LED indicator. Normally, the LED turns green if the signals from CPU are ok otherwise it goes orange. In your case, it should be turning green first and then orange after 3 to 5 seconds.

    4. Note, if the CPU is making beeps, these beeps are basically meant to convey an error message. This site should help you to interpret the error:

    As far as my experience is concerned, I believe that your system's RAM is not functioning properly, because if it fails there won't be any display. See if any of your friend has spare RAM (or allows you to borrow his / her RAM for examining your PC). If swapping works, then you know what's wrong.

    Hope it helps and all the best!

    Mohammad Taimur

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    I can't tell what the problem is because you can't even start the computer.

    But there is always a universal way to fix almost all types of problems ----- Reinstall the Operating System.

    Because the screen just blinks, so I assume that your hard disk doesn't contain an recovery disk that can restore everything back to the original condition of your computer, so I suggest you to get a Windows CD to reinstall the OS.

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    you need to determine if it is able to post. IF post then can go further into boot sequence/boot records, os selection ect.

    if no post then its a hardware issue, unplug everything that isn't essential and then try to boot up... it should offer at least a set of boot codes to help determine what might be the problem.

    BEFORE you do anything check to ensure its not the powerbar, socket, wire, psu (if you have a tester or alternate known working psu to try.

    Source(s): btw you didnt mention if you have an onboard gfx port as well as a slotted port, perhaps bios is only set to onboard as is... ect.
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    Do you hear it running?

    Make sure it doesn't make any beeps at random intervals. If it does, it might be a problem with the graphics card. Try re-seating it in your computer.

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  • Anonymous
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    Mine does that to. It may take 20 tries to get it started, but it should eventually. I think mine is something to do with the PSU or the motherboard, both of which are cheap and will be replaced shortly.

  • Greg B
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    First check the power at the outlet, secondly make sure all your cable connections are secure, then try turning it on again. If you stiil don't have power check your power supply.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is it plugged in correctly.. ? Sorry for asking a dumb question.. but that is probably the problem lol

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