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HARD or SOFT water for my freshwater community tank?

I am planning to set up a community of three types of fish within my 50 gallon tank. 4 Fancy Guppies, 6 Neon Tetras, and 4 Ghost shrimp.

PS. Will ALL the fish benefit if I add Aquarium Salt?

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    How is your tap water right now? It would be best to change it as little as possible, or better yet, not at all! All of your fish/shrimp will be fine in any pH below 7.5 and slightly hard-soft. I suggest that you get about 10 more Neons... This will give them more security, allowing you to see more of their natural schooling behavior. Also, you have a LOT of room left in your tank. Gouramis, South American Dwarf Cichlids, Cories, another school of Tetras, Rasboras, or Barbs (avoid Tiger Barbs) would be great! Be sure to give all the fish plenty of cover in the form of driftwood, rocks, or plants.

    The Guppies would benefit, but not much. The Neons would not do well at all with the salt-- just leave it out...

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    I have pretty close too the same tank; I also have a couple platy's and a few others. I kept my water on the harder side and man am I glad. One of the more common ways to treat most fish diseases is specialized salts which in turn make the water softer. You can always add salt but its much more difficult to get rid of the salt. So my suggestion is go hard water and after cycling add a few fish you plan to add later and see how well they do. Then add salt according to your preference. These are very hardy fish so you can tweak until you feel your fish are doing their best.


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    in case you pass with a male betta, it limits your different selections yet they're very colourful and staggering fish. Discus fish are extremely neat searching yet make take somewhat extra care than a hardier breed like the platy or gouramis (no longer violent, yet aggressive - massive difference). Use silk plants and smoother, rounded gravel - it's going to seem extra organic. Use larger plants to conceal the heater and cords and such or you may want to purchase heritage to assist with that too. once you're procuring a sparkling clear out - get one it extremely is adjustable.

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    neon tetras prefer soft acidic water but will survive in water upto a pH of 7.5. yeah you have alot of extra room in that tank FILL THAT SH***T UP!! a few different schools of tetras would be a good addition to your tank

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