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Asking a guy to sadies???

I have a thing for this guy and I want to ask him to Sadies but I have to make a really good impression on him. Any REALLY REALLY CUTE ideas? For example, besides the cheesy pizza thingy, scavenger hunt, or balloons but something similar.

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    this is what im thinking of doing,

    im going to either

    1) make a poster with glow in the dark paint, and put it on his ceiling above his bed and surround with the little glow in the dark stars, and when he comes home to go to bed, and looks up, it will glow

    2) same thing only use black light paint and change his bulbs from regular to black lights and just sit it against the wall or bed

    3) make a dart board thing, and write on it,

    "will you go with me to sadies" or something else really creative, and cover it with balloons, give him a dart..and tell him to pop the balloons to find a prize, in each balloon you should put a piece of paper that says "one free kiss" and give him a hersheys kiss, or one free hug, make it fun, and rewarding..

    this is what i have..

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    paint out a huge sign asking him to sadie's and then put it in his room while he's not hom. [with permission of his parents, of course]


    or get cupcakes and each cupcake has a letter on it. have the letters spell you asking him to sadie's.



    we don't have sadie's at my school.

    so i'm not good at ideas.

    but i thought i'd try to help.


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