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How did Shakespeare achieve a suspension of belief?

If possible give an example.

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    Both the previous answerers are right, however Shakespeare helped the audience suspend disbelief by creating characters and situations the audience could identify with and feel either sympathy or hatred for.

    For instance, most audience members could feel sympathy for Romeo and Juliet and could get involved in their struggle on that level. At the same time, most of the audience would feel dislike for their unmoving parents who would not let the lovers be together.

    Audience members would hate Iago in Othello. They were very racist, but their struggle to sympathize with Othello would be aided by Iago's complete evil.

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    The term is suspension of DISbelief...i.e., setting aside your disbelief in the obviously cardboard magical forest.

    And he didn't. It's up to the audience to suspend their disbelief. Even Shakespeare couldn't make them think it was actually happening.

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    It is not the writers job to suspend disbelief, that is what the audience has to bring to the table in order to enjoy what the writer has put before them.

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