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my tomatoe plant is growing well,however the leaves are curleybut not dry?

the plant is growing well ( 7 ft. ) blossoms are not producing fruit. leaves are curley and bumpy. no insects .

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    You might try hand-pollinating the flowers if there is not enough insect life to do the job for you. Just diddle your finger (or a cotton swab) in each flower in turn.

    Also - if the leaves are curling - starting at the BOTTOM of the plant (rather than starting at the top) - that is a sign of OVER-watering. Cut back on your watering. If you're not sure if it needs it, stick your finger down into the soil. If the soil is moist 3-4 inches down - Don't Water.

    It does NOT sound like a virus. You would most likely see mottling or streaking in the leaves - and you didn't mention that. There is at "leaf rolling" virus - but the leaves will roll up tightly - and it won't start at the bottom like the over-watering leaf-curl does.

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    Sounds like a plant virus. There are no remedies for plant viruses. It may not kill the plant but will weaken it. You can only keep it from spreading to your other tomatoe plants. You should destroy the plant and do not compost it. Viruses are spread by insects, so controling insects will help prevent its spread also.

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    The absolute best place to go to for advice is the RHS site. Look it up under Google.

    I have used it for ages and it's a goldmine of free advice and knowledge from the best brains in the business ( Not mine!).

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    to much water will make leave turn yellow . dont over water

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