My spyware programs are only detecting cookies?

I have spybot search and destroy and ad-aware(free version), I know I have spyware in my pc but these programs are only detecting tracking cookies. I need a good spyware program, free or free trial that will detect most spyware/malware. Any reccomendations?

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    Free - For starters, download, update and run a full scan using SuperAntiSpyware (SAS)

    SAS is an exceptionally easy to use application that will remove the majority of difficult Trojans and Worms, not just the easy ones. In addition it has the ability to remove Vundo and Smitfraud infections. SAS can lock your home page to prevent browser hi-jacking attempts.

    If possible it is recommended that you load SAS in normal mode but run it in Safe Mode. Safe Mode can be started by continually pressing F8 during the boot sequence. If you are badly infected you might need to run SAS more than once to help clean your system. Afterwards if the only infections now being shown are in System Restore, once you are completely satisfied that you can boot normally, you can either delete the infected restore points manually, or temporarily turn off System Restore to purge the files.

    Assuming you have some real awkward infections that persist even after trying all the above I suggest you download a dedicated Smitfraud removal program from:

    If possible run in Safe Mode.

    Likewise the dedicated VundoFix:

    Good luck & safe surfing.


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    Spyware Terminator will be a nice option; it's complete version is free and it is loaded with a bunch of features which are found in non-free antispyware like WebRoot SpySweeper or Spyware Doctor.


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    Pls be sure to run ad aware as a Full Scan instead of a Smart Scan. Also, be sure to update & run your anti-virus program. You can look at software at

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    panda internet security detect al the spywares and also delete them, it detect cookies when u browse and delete them afterwards

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