Can an aunt be a surrogate mother for her half-nephew's baby?

My aunt has been asked to be a surrogate mother for her half-nephew so he and his partner can raise his biological baby.

Is it medically and morally correct?

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    Is his partner female and will they be using her egg? If yes, there is nothing morally or medically wrong with it. She would be carrying a baby that is not her biological child and it would have no more of her DNA than it would if he and his partner had a baby not involving her. If they are using someone other than the aunt's egg, also nothing morally or medically wrong. But if they are using the 1/2 nephew's sperm and his aunt's egg, they may be too closely related and it may not be allowed. I think the reason for that is because close family members may have certain diseases or genetic abnormalities in common, and the risk of the baby inheriting may be increased. For example, cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease. They may be allowed, if it's legal in their state (in some states 1st cousins can marry/have a child, in others it's not allowed, and it may be different or more "allowable" since this is her 1/2 siblings child and not a full siblings child, so not as much in common as far as genes go), but if that's the case, they should meet with a genetic counselor first to see if it's medically correct. Morally correct? It's nice that she wants to help her nephew, but have his baby using her own egg...I think other people have a right to make their own choice about their own moral beliefs as long as it doesn't hurt or damage anyone else, so my personal opinion is not important.

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    Medically, yes. She can do this if the doctor determines she is healthy enough. The meds can increase the chances of problems due to blood clots. Morally depends on how you feel about IVF. I don't see it as any different than a grandmother who offers to be a surrogate for her daughter or DIL.

    It is unlikely that they would use HER egg anyway because she is likely at least 40 and no longer producing viable eggs for the procedure. They would have to use the half-nephew's wife's or a donor egg.

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    Yes. It can happen - many couples who can't have children ask a family member to be a surrogate. This way they can be more involved in the pregnancy and feel assured that the surrogate is acting in the baby's interests.

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    1 decade ago

    If it is HER egg they are using they wont be allowed as the relation is too close. But surrogates can also carry a child that isbiologically both of the other parents' and not hers at all. This would probably be allowed.

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