Whats your best tip for a medium experienced Texas Holdem player.?

I win more than my share at our local $20 game. I'm finding it harder to win the same way in bigger stakes. When I go to a casino I play a $60 60 seat sit and go make the final table sometimes but haven't won yet. Also play $1 $2 no limit cash. Usually only play real tight and usually hold my own. Where from here?

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    When you say medium expierence.. its really hard to know how good you are. I have a feeling that when you say you play really tight, you just play AJ+, 99+. You also never bluff or slowplay as most really tight players dont-they are just straightforward and are so easy to adapt too.

    1. Loosen up a little. As a novice, you should play tight, but once you get the game you need to start becoming more loose.

    2. Be AGRESSIVE! Agressive poker is winning poker. Dont be afraid to fire that third barrell, even if it costs your whole stack if your oppenent seems weak or is able to make big laydowns. When you are agressive, people will think you are bluffing alot so you also get PAID OFF EASIER. Why? Because people think you are bluffing and call you down. Of course, being agressive isnt just bluffing. You have to bet your hands agressively too. Let me give you an example. You are on the CO and you limp 56dd, the button folds and the two blinds complete. Flop comes out 6K2 two spades They check to you. BET THAT ****! People with top pair rarely slowplay in a 3 way pot on a 4 flush board. So now we can assume middle pair is probaly good. However, a sign of a complete novice is they are TOO AGRESSIVE. Remember be agressive in moderation.

    3. Value Bet- What is a value bet? Its a bet that allows worse hands to call. Alot of novices play scared, and think "OMG, he must have flopped the nuts, no thx ima just check it down". Dont do this! Let me give you an example. You have QQ. You raise to 7 on the button in a 1/2. Your oppenent on the sb calls. He is pretty loose and calls down alot so he could have a wide range of hands. Flop comes out 29T two hearts. You pot it and he calls. Turn is a 8 no heat. He checks, you bet. He calls. River is an ace no heart. Now people are like, omg he could have AT, 9T, JQ or might have called down with AK. How about all the times he has 33-88, 8Ts, JTs, any 9, 78s, JJ. As you can see.. there are alot of hands you can still get value off of. TAKE THIS TO V-TOWN BABY!

    4. Know what your table image is, and know your oppenents image is. The more tight you are, the more you should raise preflop so you can steal the blinds. The more loose you are, the more tight you should play preflop or else people (good players) will start reraising you constantly. The more agressive you are, the less you should bluff as people will call you down more. The more passive you are, the more you should bluff, because you get alot of respect.

    5. Rarely slowplay. This is what slowplaying is if u dont know.


    Most intermediate to beginner players overuse this technique and lose alot of value off their monster hands. Say you have JJ on a JQ4 two spades flop. Any king, ,any spade ,any A, and any 9 (completes open ended straight draw), kills action you could have gotten on the flop from Qx. Also, if u want to get someones entire stack, for the most part, you need to bet all three streets and when u slowplay this doesnt happen. Not to say, you should NEVER slowplay. A little mystery is always helpful because it makes observant oppenents confused and they cant play back at you as easily.

    6. Ok LAST ONE WOOOOOOT!!! Always continuation bet (c-bet). A c-bet is when you raise preflop and then follow up on the flop with a bet regardless of whether u hit or not. You should be doing this a vast majority of the time as you will take down the pot.

    GL, hoped i helped.

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    Go and get some good books. Read them. Play a few games. Then read them again. You will only pick up a few points each time you read the books. The money you invest in Quality poker manuals will be returned many times over at the poker tables. Also don't try to push your bankroll to much by playing in a lmit that is over your head.

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    regularly a mix of tangible tells and making a wager varieties assist you to comprehend in the event that they have hit the board in a large way. examine Caro's e book of Poker Tells, and look at 'em and acquire for a greater acceptable awareness of tangible tells. while it includes making a wager varieties the element to comprehend is that a participant with a sequence would not want you drawing to a right this moment or flush. So if the flop comes with a rainbow and he tests or makes a minimum wager, yet then starts off throwing out pot sized bets while a 2nd ideal card comes on the turn, you're able to be confident he's attempting to guard his hand. If he seems bored, completely disinterested interior the hand while he bets the flop, yet takes on a miles greater aggressive posture while he bets the turn with a flush draw available then you definately could be notably confident that he's retaining a sequence. He would not desire to scare you off the hand while he's specific that he holds the final hand, yet he would not want you to call and doubtless positioned him able to make a puzzling selection on the river.

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    sounds like u are a on a good track. everything u just said is about the same as me except for that i just recently upped my stakes to the 2-4 no limit table. i think my biggest tip is this: keep playing...because u are gaining experience.

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    Bar none the single best advice I can give is join a coaching site like stoxpoker. It was their membership and video tutorials that has helped me to finally start turning a profit.



  • Doyle Brunson's Supersystem

    Phill Hellmuth's Play Poker Like A Pro

    Dan Harrington Harrington on Hold em

    Read them, learn them, love them.

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    get some cool sunglasses....

    Dont be afraid to take risks

    Learn to read ppl

    Look at this sight- http://www.blifaloo.com/info/lies_eyes.php

    Try to lure ppl in

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