What is the longest you have been without any human contact? How long do you think you could survive without?

Specifically, person to person... no phone calls, no internet chats, no snail mail and of course no face to face meetings.

Mass communications like TV, radio, newspapers and web broadcast or info sites allowed.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Timely question, my mind has been swirling those very thoughts, as I’m midway through Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild”. The story is non-fiction, an account of a boy who, after finishing college, gave away all his money and roamed the United States, eventually ending up in the Alaskan wilderness. I’m reading the book along with a few friends, and they all want to discuss “why he did it”, which was surprising to me. I’d thought all people had occasional fantasies of letting the World turn without them.

    In my opinion, there are two more interesting aspects of the tale. First, the young man assigned himself a false name, and then wrote his journal in third person. Could be meaningless—just a whim, but I wonder if he was, instead of abandoning his former life, simply setting it aside. Possibly, in his mind, he was his former self, observing a character he’d created. The second ponder-able point was that he would keep in touch with people he’d only known for a short while. He’d camp with other drifters for a few days, and then send them postcards every month thereafter. He hadn’t really abandoned human contact, as much as abandoned the *convention* of it, the society and the “rules of engagement”, if you will.

    It’s an odd struggle, though, between Self and World. I am perfectly content in my own company—right until I’m not. Then, even when I've gone to great effort to find a way to visit a friend or a family member, I stilll need a few hours on my own ("battery time", as my neice has termed it). But to answer your actual question, I’ve only managed to steal a weekend alone here and there. It may sound strange, but I find the idea appealing, or at least fascinating. Not only to know “how long I could survive”, but to find out where my thoughts would wander, if I wasn’t constantly pulled into the wonderings of another. Or possibly, it’s that I believe the question, “Who am I?” can be rephrased as, “What do I *need*, in order to be me?”.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have to say 4 days of self imposed exile, but I could survive longer without the above mentioned things. I would say 2 weeks would be my max before I needed some interaction.

    Being isolated allows me to be clear, and very creative.

    I love being alone, of course not always, but I do seek out the opportunity to completely alone as often as possible, and that includes not using the devices you mention, phones, media, etc.

    I fear one day I may truly become a hermit.

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  • Hey folks, I survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005,

    I managed relatively well before I had a computer.

    As long as I can talk to my cats and the voices

    in my head. I do not see where I might have a problem.

    I talk to myself, All the Time & in public places, too. It drives my two daughters crazy.

    I love it.

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  • Tigger
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think I have for more than a few hours. Sometimes I wish I could try it for a few days, just to see what happens and do some soul searching.

    The native Americans do it a lot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Um, 8 hours. And that's when I sleep. HAHA.

    To sum it up, I really can't live without human contact.

    I think I could only survive... three days. Then I'd go mad after that.


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  • 1 decade ago

    I see someone everyday. At least one person. There has been days where I haven't really touched someone. Not sure how long I could last without any interaction with someone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    at the most...

    like 8 hours

    wen im asleep

    to make it interesting i fink yu shud disallow sleeping lol

    but i cant live woithout human contact

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