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why study space?

list reasons why to study space because i really need to know for a paper i'm doing in school. thanks so much!

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    We use science as a tool to learn about and understand the world around us. By understanding the world around us, we better understand who we are and what we are and where we are.

    Space is studied through the science of astronomy. Astronomy is a part of the Physical Sciences. Other branches of the physical sciences are physics, chemistry, and the earth sciences.

    Astronomy studies things which are outside of the Earth. This includes things like the atmosphere, other planets, the Sun, asteroids and comets, moons, all of the things that make up our Solar System, as well as other stars, our galaxy, and other galaxies and all of the objects inside them.

    We do not do this because one day we may need to relocate to another planet. This is fiction brought on by current global warming trends. Earth will always be our home.

    We study these things: 1) To satisfy our inner curiosity to learn. 2) To learn about atoms and molecules and how they interact and their distribution amounts throughout the Universe. 3) To learn about other planets so that we can better understand what Earth has in common with them and what the differences are. Understanding how other planets and objects formed helps us to understand better how Earth was formed. 4) To understand what the Sun is made of and how it works. To compare stars to our Sun to find out the similarities and differences. We can use this information to help determine how old the Universe is and how the Universe may have begun. To find out how old our Sun is and how our Solar System may have formed and the expected life cycle of our Sun. To learn about the cycles of our Sun to predict sunspot activity and protect our satellites from damage. 5) We learn about what asteroids and comets are made of and the orbital paths of them to protect our planet from any potential deadly impacts. 6) To learn how to safely explore space. To develop manned and unmanned craft to travel through space or to land on planets or moons or asteroids or how to put satellites into orbit around Earth. 7) Studying space has it's own rewards in returning technology to the public. Computers, medicines, medical technology, engine modifications, advances in research, the list goes on and on. Without studying space, we would not be where we are today.

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    Think about it! How does a GPS work? Topographic mapping from sattelites in space are beamed via sattelite to earth. How do we get sattelite tv? Sattelite waves from space. Reconnance for national security? Do you honestly think we have enough planes to make a wall around the U.S.? These are some obvious reasons space travel is importaint. however, there is much more than more technology. For instance, to get a better understanding of life, we could study other planets and thier ecosystem. There are probably a googleplex of planets out there, but eventually there will be a planet similar to ours. Not only that, but our planet faces many perills from space, such as an expanding sun, supernova blasts, black hole radiation, asteroids, and Gamma Ray Bursts. If the human race is to survive, we will have to find new host planets. Some planets are rich in materials as well. For instance, most asteriods contain incredible amounts of Iron, a most vital resouce on earth, as well as some which are a conglomerate of rare minerals.

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    If you want humanity to have a chance to live on for thousands and maybe even millions of years then yes, Space Exploration is vital to our existence. On the other hand, if you are okay with humanity becoming extinct in the next thousand years, then no it's not important at all. I personally would like to see the human race live on for millions of years and the only way that will happen is to put more money into space exploration in hopes that we can find new Earths to live on in the future.

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    Curiosity is one of the top reasons. We want to know what we don't know in order to become familiar with it and to be prepared for anything. There are many interesting phenomenon and objects in space. There are also terrifying things. Black holes and gamma ray bursts are very cool unless you're too close. And maybe one day we will find a habitable planet to colonize in order to continue the human race.

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    At some point, humans are going to use up all of the natural resources of the Earth and quite possibly, humans will need to relocate to another habitat that would sustain our way of life.

    By studying space and its effects on humans, we will be able to better prepare ourselves for the arduous challenge of living on other worlds and / or living on space stations.

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    Because we live in space. Not studying space is like spending your entire life within 1000 feet from a little hut on a deserted island eating only cocoanuts not knowing there was a quickie mart 3000 feet away.

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    A. It's human nature to try to understand our surroundings and B. At some point, we'll need to colonize another planet when this one begins to become uninhabitable.

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