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a trip to Los Angeles brings one question... where do i go shopping!?!? haha?

Hi everyone! So this summer i'm going to Los Angeles and i'm so excited! I want to start making a list of clothing stores that i just have to go shop at : )... just keep in mind that i don't want to go to any really sketchy places where it's dark and there isn't a lot of people, and my style is preppy and fashionista... not really 'rebel'. What are the 'popular' and fashion foward stores? thanks everyone!

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    Don't waste your time at the malls of Beverly HIlls (unless it involves a stop at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman), but go to the unique and fabulous boutiques of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. There are so many boutiques and all with equally amazing clothing.

    For starters, there is celebrity hotspot, Kitson, a favorite to stars such as Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie.

    Intuition is another great boutique.

    I adore Fred Segal, and you can eat lunch there too.

    Lisa Kline is another celeb favorite.

    Madison boutique is great too.

    Intermix, which just opened up, is extremely chic.

    Many, and most, of these boutiques can be found on Robertson Blvd. & Melrose Ave.

    Many other designer boutiques such as...

    alice + olivia, true religion, tory burch, nanette lepore, paige, armani, louis vuitton, tiffany & co. burberry, prada, chanel, & juicy couture

    ...can also be found on Robertson Blvd, Melrose Ave, and Rodeo Dr.

    Once you get to Los Angeles, stick to these streets and nearby streets, because if you wander off to far, who knows where you are going. These aren't the only boutiques, you will find many other adorable shops once you actually get there.

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    Go shopping on Rodeo (Beverly Hills) Keep in mind that LA is HUGE so know where ur going before u take off!!! Sugar on LA Brea and Kitson. There are also Cute shops in Malibu! U can email me if u want and tell me which part u r going to, Ill tell u some good shops in that area!;_ylt=AmG_g.YyBK429x... Ya u kind of need to know where to go because not only is LA huge, there are also a lot of spotty area's (shady plces... They creep me out too!) Talk to u soon.. and if not... HAVE FUN SHOPPING!!! OH BTW if u shop on rodeo there is this really good cupcake place called sprinkles! e-mail me and ill give u more info on addresses etc. its too much to type right now!

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    I'm not a Los Angeles native, but I'd recommend checking out some historic sites & museums in the area. I would also visit Universal Studios (theme park), Knott's Berry Farm, & Disneyland just for the experience of it. Also try your hand at a few of the many great beaches in the area.

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    ron herman

    lisa kline

    tory burch

    anything on rodeo

    planet blue

    you should go to these areas, the grove they have a barneys co op and abercrombie and stuff, the third street in santa monica, robertson blvd., melrose, rodeo and beverly hills

    and most of la is pretty safe

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    Abercrombie Kids:

    American Eagle:


    Charlotte Russe:

    (forgot the website name)

    Tiffany & Co.:

    Pac Sun:



    Well I hope this helps, good luck, and have fun in Los Angeles!! <33

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    go shoping in hollywood it has the best shopping ever just go any were and by anything no matter if you dont like it it will be valueable latter

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  • oMG LA is great! i live there & lemme tell y there is tons of places 2 shop! theres the montebello mall, glendale galleria, hollywood, hollister, sunset blv. omg and many more............ u will fall in love w/LA =)

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    you're excited to come here and I live here.


    Source(s): I moved here two months ago. HAH.
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    limeted 2. clairs! lol. anyware u want!

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