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Starting Over?

After coming out of a realationship, how does one start over? I mean I know nothing about the dating world anymore and I am lost. Truthfully I dont even want to start over. What should I do?

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    take some time to get to know yourself again.

    you don't have to date if you don't want to. Don't let friends, family or the media pressure you into it.

    You have to grieve the loss of the relationship first. Love will come to you in time when you least expect it.

    Just go about your daily life - work, school, whatever it is. Focus on that for awhile. Or learn a new hobby. Join a group that does your hobby. You can make friends there. They will have the same interests as you and you might have fun. And/or meet the girl of your dreams or at the very least make some good friends

    here is a website about how to start dating. It might help you a bit.

    and if you are a woman, go here for some tips:

    and if you are a guy, go here for some tips:

    (sorry, i couldn't remember your screen name so I put both websites down to cover all bases)

    anyway, good luck and don't worry too much about it.

    there is nothing wrong with being on your own.

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