Transfer files from one computer to another?

I know I need crossover cable, but what do they look like?...Now here is the silly question, is the cable the same one you would use for the internet or is it different?

Will Walmart carry such cables?

Also do I need the monitor for each computer or just connect both hard drives then use the one monitor from the main computer.

Directions please and thank you. :-)

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    The crossover cable will look just like a regular cat5 cable. They are wired differently inside to let 2 devices connect without a hub or switch. Walmart might carry them, you can never tell what they will have from one day to the next. If you cant find one there, look at Radio Shack, I have seen them there. You will initially need a monitor on both pc's untill you have the shared folder setup and the 2 pc's can see each other.

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    Hmm, it seems like you're creating a lot of extra work for yourself. If I understand you correctly you just want to move some files? The easiest way to do this is to save your files to a cd and load them on the other computer. You can then choose where to download the files. If you're moving all old information from one computer to another you can create a backup disk and load it onto the new one.

    I'm not sure how you would transfer data connecting your computers to eachother. They can communicate with eachother but I don't see how the programs can be loaded using this method. I could just be uneducated in that department though?

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    you can tell if its a crossover cable by looking through the plastic RJ-45 end piece and comparing one end of the cable to the other end..

    youll find that wires 1,2 connect to 3,6 at the other end (youll notice that the coloured wire the sits in position 1 at one end of the cable will be in position 3 at the other end.

    Thats the only way to tell IMO.

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