How do you tell the difference between a Sunni, Shiite and a Kurd (Muslim)?

Just FYI this is a serious question. If you dont know, please dont answer.

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    I'd suggest asking them.

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    Sunni and shia's are all muslims The differences between sunni and shia arise mostly after the death of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Its mostly political in nature.. ie who was to then lead the muslims. The difference are minor theologically. Specifically shia's contend that the caliphate (ruler) should be someone from the descendant of the prophet throught her daughter Fatma. Sunni contend that whoever is best for the job. Shia's attribute more significance to the lineage of the prophet. Sunni comprise approx 85% of the muslim and shia's are the 14% where 1% are other sect.. Kurds are mostly people indigenous to kurdistan. Somebody can be a kurd and not a muslim.But most of them are muslim

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    Kurds are not a sect. Theyre a different race of people. Like Arabs and Turks.

    Sunnis and Shiites have a different approach to certain things like praying. They are both Muslim tho.

    Shiites put a small slab of clay on the ground where their forehead meets (during prayer).

    Sunnis dont.

    Some shiites practice extreme mourning on Ashuraa. While all shiites mourn on Ashuraa every year ,and wear all black.

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    Shiites have twelve imams and believe in Ahlul Beyt. Also, Sunnis pray differently then Shiites do. Im not sure about Kurds though.

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    kurds are usually found in n. african, turkeyish areas.

    sunnis are majority, found everywhere, shites minority.

    usuall, sunnis are the ones that wear the head coverings, shiites are more cultural, do not pray 5 times a day, and celebrate events on different days.

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    Sunni and Shi'ite formed from a doctrinal difference back during the early days of Islam.

    Kurds are an ethnic group in south Turkey/Northern Iraq.

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    Shi believe the Religious leader is also the Civil leader. Sunni the religious leader and the Civil leader are separate. Kurd, Christian

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    I dont even know.

    Im an Atheist from a Muslim family and just this afternoon my mom was saying something about some family my sister met who are Sunni.

    And for the hundredth time I had to ask: which one are you?

    And its amazing that Ive forgotten already lol

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