Thinking about relocation to Austin, TX or San Antonio, TX areas, can I please get HONEST opinions?

Please please please, I need honest opinions, no blatant cheerleaders for the area or non-constructive "haters".

My family currently resides in Ohio, and are primarily from the Ohio Michigan area, but my wife and I were both army brats and I was in the service 10 years, so we are used to moving around the country.

My wife wants to move to the Austin, TX area, and one concern I have for our family and specifically my school-age kids, is the stereotype of "Yankee-hating, outsider stomping" Texans.

How true or false is this stereotype? Do transplants, specifically to central Texas, really get a lot of crap from the residents that were born and raised there?

Thank you very much in advance.


I apologize if offended anybody by the way I worded the question. I should have clarified that this was an opinon my 60+ year old father who is probally not happy about his grandkids moving away and was I think on a hefty dosage of Oxicontin at the time.

Also, that I personally thought that the Austin are seemed to be diverse and very artisticly inclined, but had to ask the question to alleviate concerns that his comments generated.

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    First of all, your question is fair, and since I have kids of my own, I do not take offense to someone trying to figure out what is best for their family.

    That being noted, Austin is one of the most diverse populations in Texas (and the South for that matter), so there is no need to worry about 'yankee-hating.' While I am a native Texan who has lived in Austin for 15 years, my mom is from the midwest, and most of my good friends are transplants from D.C., Minnesota, Wisconsin, Philly, etc. So, you won't be the first or the last 'snow bird' to make a home down south.

    Sure, there may be the occasional close-minded jerk who feels obligated to share his opinion, but I am sure that if I moved to Ohio there would be some fool who would find it clever to call me a 'hick' or 'bubba.' For the record, Austin is a highly-educated city, so your chances of running into one of those guys are few and far between. Additionally, with your military background, you have served your country and already earned a lot of respect no matter where you come from. You would be welcome here and would experience a crap-free existence.

    If you want my honest opinion, I would recomend choosing Austin over San Antonio. As I mentioned before, Austin is more diverse, but it also offers a more laid back attitude, good schools (with an awesome transfer policy), great parks and swimming holes (very outdoorsy and active), fun festivals, great restaurants, good museums and art exhibits, and a variety of nightlife options for when you and the wife need a break from the kids. Plus, San Antonio is only 60 miles south of Austin, so it makes for a nice weekend get-a-way every now and then.

    I know that someone mentioned the cost of living (San Antonio vs. Austin), and I am not sure where they got their information. The housing market in Austin is great right now especially in South and Southwest Austin (which is the cooler/more traditional part of town anyway). Sure, there are some expensive neighborhoods in Central and West Austin, but that would be no different than the pricey neighborhoods of San Antonio (Alamo Heights and others).

    I hope this helps, and good luck to you and your family on your potential move!

    Source(s): Austinite
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    San Antonio is a better place for the kids (except if they're Asian since there aren't really many Asians in S.A.). There are more attractions like the zoo, SeaWorld, Fiesta Texas, Schlitterbahn, etc. Austin is geared toward DINKY types and a college-aged demographic. In general though, Austin is much more expensive and the job market is probably better (of course that depends on the position) and noticeably higher paying (for instance an IT job that would pay $70k in Austin might pay only $50k in S.A.). Military related positions are in much more abundance in San Antonio, but that's not what I do. Something possible to consider instead is the liberal Austinite "current and ex-military-hating, non-agreeing stomping" mentality.

    Source(s): I lived in Austin, Texas for 17 years of my life (I'm 33 years old).
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    Austin is a great place. The best thing about it is there is something for EVERYONE! And since you have school kids I suggest you move to Pflugerville rather than Austin. Pflugerville is a small town right outside of Austin (it is up north). They have a better school district and nice priced homes. The sterotypes are not true. There are SOME people who do feel that way but not a lot. Most people are very welcoming. Austin is a nice place.

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    First off I would ignore the stories of high crime rates in San Antonio. For the population of 1.3 million and a metro of 2 million the crime rate is very low. If you compare it to a city of like size say Kansas City it is really safe.

    San Antonio is more of a tourist city with theme parks like Sea World, Six Flags. San Antonio is very rich in culture, Austin is nice but it reflects more of a northern city. San Antonio is centrally located Austin is only 60 miles to the north and Corpus Christi is just 140 miles to the south so it is easy to take a day trip to the coast great if you like swimming or fishing.

    San Antonio has a better system of highways making it very easy to get around the city. Average drive time in S.A. is 30 minutes cross town and during rush hour you rarely spend more than an hour in traffic. I work in the heating and air conditioning field and the calls we hate are Austin because you can plan on spending an hour or two looking at the Austin skyline. Road system in Austin is very poorly laid out.

    In San Antonio you will want to live in the north side around Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Shaveno Park, or Encino area. The following link has good information on the city.

    Oh an Texas being one of the fastest growing state second only to California, there are no negative attitudes I have seen. I moved here from Kansas in 1993 and everyone was very welcoming, friendlest people I have met, I love it here, and you can't beat the weather.

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    While I haven't lived in Austin I must remind you that it is one of the hottest places for young professionals and creatives in their 20's and 30's to move to right now. The music scene is one of the main points for living in Austin.

    Same thing with Portland, Seattle, Baltimore/D.C., Denver, and many others.

    Prices are going up quickly and I fear the very people who made these places great places to live are going to get priced out in 5 to 10 years.

    Since you do have school-age kids I would focus on finding great schools first and an area second.

    Portland is a great example of this. While it is a great place to live the school system is poor.

    That said the only time I ever got any of the Yankee stuff what when I was in the South East. From what I understand Austin is really Liberal.

    Source(s): Originally from Ohio and I've lived all over the place.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Austin is super cool and real a transient city with University of Texas and a bunch of people relocating from California over the last 3-5 years. Not much of the East Texas Yankee mentality.

    San Antonio is a little cheaper to live in than Austin, but does not have the same feel as Austin, I much much prefer Austin. If it came down to San Antonio, I would have you reconsider Houston.... but Austin is the place to be.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hello, I'm retired Air Force and lived in San Antonio for 10 years. I currently live in Ohio and I would not mind moving back down to San Antonio when I retired for good. In my 10 years there I have not recalled any hatred towards as you say "yankee-hating", I grew up in New York City. My daughter did well in school there, I have had several cousins graduate from schools there and I they did not have any problems. I think you and your family will both enjoy the area, the sights, and how friendly everyone there is. Go for it, hope to see you down there one day.

    Source(s): Retired Air Force, lived there for 10 years
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  • mmuscs
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    1 decade ago

    A lot would depend on what type of work you do as to where would be the best for you. The cost of living would be slightly less in San Antonio, but either place would be good. Austin is extremely liberal and San Antonio is more of a military city. Both cities have excellent schools.

    You are correct about your father in laws opinion... he just doesn't want his grandchildren moving away. Neither of the cities could care less where you are from.

    The only bad thing about either place is you may have your in-laws spending the winter with you since they would not have to shovel snow.

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  • esherr
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    Austin is FULL of transplants.. and many consider themselves texans. Austin is an amazing eclectic city. Everyone is so friendly and it is just a people person place. Most people are transplants. I lived in Central Texas for 8 years and never ran into any of those sterotypes (Im from Boston) It was a wonderful experience.

    My husband has never been there and we are planning a trip for four days to Austin. I plan to retire there. Schools are great, great college town, lots of culture... always a festival and lots of museums. The city is also wonderful for fitness.

    Austin is a great place.. you will have no issues.

    Source(s): I lived in the area for 8 years and I am from Boston
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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, I came from the east coast in 1972 and have never felt so welcome and at home as the people in Austin made me feel. I am still here and things have changed. The traffic is absolutely horrendous. The people are still friendly and there is no Yankee-hating going on. Sure people are offended that all these computer places opened up and they shipped all their well-paid staff down here which accounts for the traffic mess and the construction going on everywhere. Austin has everything you could ever want - music of every type, theater, free concerts in the park, free festivals on 6th street where you want to buy everything you see, lakes too beautiful to believe, scenery to die for on your way out in the hill country. I don't know if you have school aged children but the best schools, where there is no busing and all within a one mile radius is the Travis Heights area. All schools within walking distance and right in the middle is a park where the pool stays open year round. I think y'all will love it (except the traffic). San Antonio is for day trips only.

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