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I found out my boss hasnt paid taxes on my employement here and hasnt even registered me as an employee?

He promised he'd take of it and he hasn't can I go to jail? Who do I report this to? Also this is comming up now cause I want to sue (not bogus it's unbelieveable psychological and sexual harrasement like you couldnt imagine) I wanna walk but make sure he gets in trouble not me what do I do? He paid me by cheque not cash how is he getting away with this?


Ive been here for 2 years

Update 2:

I have many witnesses, also he can't deny I worked for him I have lawyers as whitnesses to it, I think it's because he could declare the amount of hours I worked since it would be illegal

Update 3:

sorry couldnt declare

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    Report it to the Internal Revenue Service.

    There is a substantial bounty that the Internal Revenue Service pays to people who report tax cheats.

    Your boss just handed you a winning lottery ticket. All you have to do is play it.

    Call the Internal Revenue Service today and report it.

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    Im nt too sure on who to report him to but he "Has not" told you that you werent registers, you "Found out" with a document he left lying around, All his money is then yours.

    And with sexual harrasment, plea that it has mentaly effected you (even if it hasent) and he will go down =]

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    Have you paid income taxes. If yes, you are in the clear. If no, you got problems. You need to come clean with the IRS immediately and file back income tax returns.(fed, state, and local)

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    Did he pay you by check or cash? Did he take taxes out of your paycheck? Need a bit more information here.

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    report him to IRS and SSA [Social Security Administration].

    failing to withhold taxes is a crime. failing to deposit taxes withheld is a crime. government has some nice facilities for such criminals and interesting work sweeping sand at Nellis AFB in Vegas.

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    Just go to the authorities. They will point ou in the proper direction.

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    report to the IRS before he do and u get into trouble

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    Need more detail to help you ... what country are you from?

    Did you save copies of the checks? etc.

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