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I don't mean as cheap as in a single dog, i mean dog breeds that are very populus so there are lots of them... I mean like lots of reputable breeders who make the same dog...MANY BREEDERS FOR ONE BREED...

i was wondering if u could give me a list of non-expensive dog breeds cuz i obviously don't know how much a breed is... i know some are cheaper than others like a labrador retreiver is cheaper than a black russian terrier...

i already got info down on some of the breeds but by the time i find out the price of the breed, i just wasted ALOT of time...

thanks for any breeds u can think of that are NON-EXPENSIVE... =)

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    I know what you mean. Good quality dogs from a reputable breeder will all be expensive, but some are more expensive than others, depending on rarity or demand.

    I live in a country where the majority of dogs owners get their dogs from reputable breeders - and some years ago, when pugs became very popular the price for a puppy went up to about $2400, because there were so few breeders, and they had maybe 25 people on a waiting list for a puppy.

    Some puppy buyers either couldn't wait or refused to pay that much for a dog, so they imported their puppies from Eastern European puppy mills, many of these were sick (parvo) and badly bred and ended up costing their owners much heartache (many died) and money.

    Purchase price is actually the least you should look at when chosing a breed. It's much more important that you pick a breed that suits you and not one where you can save a little on the price. Still to find the "cheaper" breeds, I'd look for breeds that that aren't that rare, but aren't the lastest "in" thing either, a popular breed like the golden retriever or the labrador retriever that you mentioned.

    I can't give you a list because it will vary from country to country. Where I live, many specific breed clubs will inform you of the average purchase price of a puppy, so you can ask there. I don't know how much puppies from reputable breeders sell for where you're at, but if you were to get a cheaper breed puppy here, I'd say you should expect to pay at least $1000 - $1500. Still less than $2400, but not what I'd call non-expensive.

    Shelter puppies could be an option for you, but remember a puppy costs a lot more than just the purchase price, there'll be vaccinations, food, toys, etc. Also, get a poorly bred dog from a puppy mill and the money you save on the purchase price can soon be swallowed up in vet bills.

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    Believe it or not, economics doesn't work when it comes to dogs. Labs are the most popular dog in the USA--tons of labs and lab mixes. Yet you can pay several thousand dollars for a lab. And if you do not buy a lab from a BYB, neighbor, puppy mill/petstore or a rescue/shelter, you can expect to pay a minimum of $500 and probably more from a reputable breeder.

    Let me give you a specific example. I can (within 15 minutes) find you a rat terrier puppy that is selling for

    --$125 (BYB),

    --$175 (from a rat terrier rescue organization),

    --$300 (pet quality from an outstanding breeder but the puppy isn't breedable quality, was returned by the buyer and neutered), --$500 (pet quality puppy from non-titled parents of a competent breeder, neuter contract required for purchase),

    --$650 (pet store puppy from a puppy mill--in this case a neighborhood Petland),

    --$1,500 (show and breeding quality dog from a dam and sire with various show titles).

    All for the same breed and even gender (a male rat terrier ranging from 8 weeks to 8 months).

    The single biggest factors that influence the price of a dog are:

    --The Pedigree (does it come from a line of champions from a reputable breeder?). If so, expect to probably pay a minimum of $1,000 for your dog regardless of breed.

    --Is it "Pet Quality" or "Show Quality" or for breeding of potential champions? Pet Quality will be cheapest.

    --Is the dog from a breed recognized by AKC (if you're in America). If not, it will generally be cheaper. So for instance, a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (also know as a Rat Terrier, type II) will be cheaper than a Pug sold from the same breeder.

    The key lesson: do NOT pick a dog breed based on price. Be clear about what kind of dog will fit your situation and if you're a good fit for a dog. But if you choose a dog on the basis of price, you'll end up making a big mistake. Think of it this way, if you were seeking to adopt a child from overseas, you wouldn't base your decision on which country had the cheapest adoption. I'm sure price would be a consideration. But that is not where you start in making this decision.

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    Unfortunately to get a good quality purebred dog of ANY breed its going to be at least $600. Breeders who truly care about the dogs they are breeding and the bettering of the breed will put a lot of time into testing, making sure they are only breeding titled dogs, and making sure their pups have good personalities and are healthy before leaving home. $600 is what you would expect to pay for a pet quality dog (dog with minor faults that make it unable to be shown). If you want a show quality dog, then you are looking at close to a $1000 and up for that dog. E.X: My Sisters Dachshund was a $1200 show quality dog. Sometimes a breeder will sell a severely Faulted Dog at a discounted price, but taking on such a dog could lead to further expenses as the dog grows. E.X: My Aunt who gave me A show quality pup as a graduation present also rescued a pup from the breeder who was born Deaf, the breeder only charged 100 for him. He is actually living with my family now because my dad fell in love (but the dog is actually starting to hear), but we know the pup could have trouble later in life. Try a breed specific rescue. You may be able to find your dream dog there, And yes chances are he will be cheaper and be a purebred. But also understand that this don't won't be able to be registered in most cases, and will likely be a young adult when you get him.

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    The cheaper the dog the lesser quality it will be. It will have all kinds of health issues, maybe deformed, temperament problems. The list goes on & on.

    If you want a cheap dog, adopt or rescue a dog from a breed specific rescue. That way you get what you want at a adoption price.

    Every breed has a specific rescue group that is trying to save the breed. Check with your Vet to see if there are any in your area.

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    What you need to do is either find a breed you like and contact the rescue organization for that breed, or get a dog from a shelter. If you buy a dog cuz it's "cheap"- you are just asking for trouble! Labs may be a dime a dozen in the paper, but they are poorly bred- but a well-bred lab is just as expensive as well bred Coton De Teluer

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    If you're looking for a dog and cost is a factor, a local shelter is your cheapest way to go. I understand that a shelter dog is not great for everyone, so if you feel like that is not an option...

    Begals are ususally "cheaper" so to say. Other then that I would say the average price of a "cheaper" dog in WI is 200-300 for most mixes and 250-400 for PB's that are pleantyful. Around here those would be labs and goldens.

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    Just go to a shelter. They are good as far as prices go and you will be saving a dog from either being put down or spending the rest of its life in a cage.

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    Dogs aren't cheap.

    If you don't want to invest in a quality purebred, adopt a dog from a shelter. They're all the same price regardless of breed or mix.

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    Find the breed that fits your lifestyle and contact breed specific rescues in your area. Perhaps if you told us what breed you are considering and your area, we could direct you to some breed specific rescue sites?

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    Why would you want them? Overbreeding doesn't just lead to lots of dogs, it leads to poorly bred dogs, with lots of behavioral and health problems. The problems you get will negate the cheap purchase price.

    Adopt a mix if you want an inexpensive dog. I hope you're also researching how much a dog costs to own, not just to buy.

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