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Trumpet - how to play high notes?

I switched from Bass Clarinet to Trumpet in December 2007 (weird choice but yeah)

I'm trying to learn family guy an octave higher then I already know cause it sounds way cooler. But I can't hit a high G (final note of song) I can hit it sometimes when i'm warming up but then I can't get it consistantly..

My highest note is a high F#/Gb

ME PLAYING FAMILY GUY ON TRUMPET: (feel free to check out my bass clarinet vid of me playing mario too)

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How long did it take you to learn how to play this high?


Umm, I'm not gonna spend money on a new mouth piece.

I'm just using the schools so i'll be using whatever they provide me.

The mouth piece that sorta looks like this:



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    If you can hit the note you should be able to play it if its only one note. The key to playing notes in the higher range is air support. Make sure you have a fast airstream. This doesn't mean play louder. I think of volume as being adusted by the width of your airstream. Just increase your speed and pressure to hit a higher note. That should help you to be able to play it at the end of a the song.

    To increase your range to truly be able to play it and not just hit it, continue to do scales that include it. Practice hopping octives to it and the others leading up to it. Also, do lip slurs (press down one valve and hit all of the notes on that valve. Ex. Play F-Bb-D-F and back down, go through all valves and combinations like that.).

    From the year I started playing it took me three years to be able to play a double C (one octive above the tuning note). It took about three months to fully transist from playing the lower range notes to the other. The key is AIR SUPPORT.

    And by the way, I dispise the 14 A4A mouthpiece. Our section refers to it as the cheaters' mouthpiece. It may help you to hit high notes, but it devastates your tone quality. All it does is help you to sqeeze a note out rather than learn to play it.

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    Choose the mouthpiece carefully, I used to play many years favorite mouthpiece for hitting high notes was a Schilke 13 A4A if I remember and can spell it correctly. A good music store can correct me if I'm close.

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    Practice makes perfect! Just keep trying to hit the note. The muscles in your embouchure will continue to develop the more you practice. & don't forget air speed is key.

    When trying to play high notes try to make the air go as fast as possible (try raising your toungue slightly).

    Be patient, the high notes will come. Good luck!

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