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Yummy snacks? recipes??

I love relaxing on friday with yummy snacks and I was wondering if anyone had any simple recipes to share, or food combinations... I have chips, popcorn, vegetables, and fruits, if any include that..

i want something that i can snack on for awhile not just like a sandwich lol

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    vedge stick with tomatoe salsa

    chocolate brownies

    get a great variety of fruit and sweets and put them on a long kebab stick : a sweet kebab yum yum

    or get loads of toffees etc and put them on little cocktail sticks



    cornflake cakes

    trail mix

    fruit dipped in chocolate

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    ....I love peanut butter, on celery sticks with raisins. Just spread the PB in the crevice of the celery and sprinkle the top with raisins. You might want some juice nearby.

    Or you could make a party mix. Like pretzels, popcorn, chips and nuts in a baggie and shake it up.

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    homemade pretzels

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