can i view my security camera on my laptop?

i have a swann wireless security camera that has a yellow video wire that i plug into the video in port on my t.v to good..i have an aspire 3680 ..can i get an adapter to view this camera on my lap top?......thanx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Does the camera have network ports or is able to connect to a wifi or network switch?

    If the answer is yes, connect the camera to a network and jump to next question.

    If the answer is no jump to the final answer.

    Does the camera offer video streaming via a web portal or by using a proprietary application provided by the camera manufacturer?

    If the answer is yes, install the tool that will let you view the image via the computer.

    If the answer is no jump to the next paragraph.

    You can buy an encoder in where you can connect the video port of the camera to it and the encoder will make sure to stream the video accross a network.

    There are lots of them out there, Acti, Bosch, Verint, Sony had them. They can be expensive but there should be a very cheap and simple one.

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