If a terrorist attack turned the U.S. into anarchy which guns would you choose to have?

Pick on reliability, quality and one you know would have a lot of shells still around to buy and you could hunt with.

Actually pick one Hand gun and one Rifle, which one one's would you pick?


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    The great Jeff Cooper addressed a similar question years ago, He felt one criteria of both the pistol and rifle would be that they used military caliber cartridges so that there would be some availability of ammunition when things got bad, For the rifle this would limit the cartridges to 223, 308 and Russian 7.62 X39. He ruled out the Russian AK because although it is reliable it is notoriously inaccurate.The 223 used in the AR15 (My Personal favorite) is a very accurate round but your criteria was that it was to be for hunting and the 223 is a little anemic for most game. That leaves the 308 which has good hunting capabilities for most game in the U,S. Well how about the shotgun? It has a wide range of shells to use for hunting as well as self defense. The problem is that it has a limited range, Anything beyond 100 yards and your going to have problems, His rifle of choice? It was a Bolt action 308 rifle with a 4x scope,This allowed close range snap shots if the enemy or game were close and accuracy at distance as wellHe named this rifle the scout sniper and Steyer corporation ended up manufacturing this model. It has a polymer stock in which the forearm has an integrated bipod and the butt has an extra magazine clip in it. For the Pistol? No contest it is the 1911 in 45 acp. A proven War Horse in two world wars and countless conflicts around the world. It is a proven manstopper and has some hunting capability, even at ranges where the only other military round, the 9mm becomes anemic, Another advantage is with its subsonic round it is easier to supress. So there you have it one rifle and one pistol. Peace out!

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    a hard one.

    I have a number of combos I would have, depending on weapon availability and how much people are there around me.


    Rifle: SKS

    Pistol: either a .22lr (like a ruger or p22) or a .32acp

    I have a SKS right now, California doesn't have too many ak or sks owners due to its laws, so i'm fairly confident that the 7.62x39mm won't be depleted too quickly. The .22lr cartridge is a weak one, but if correctly shot, it is just as effective, sometime even more effective than something bigger.

    Mil Surp

    Russian Mosin Nagant Carbine, Springfield or enfield

    .22lr or 9mm (probably machine pistol)

    This combo has a very powerful and serious rifle, but is limited in rapid fire. so you have a medium power or rapid fire pistol to back it up.

    Other way around

    Ruger 1022 (with after market 30 and 50 round mags)

    9mm or .45lc/.410 (rifle)

    This time the primary is a weak gun that uses the really common .22lr that most people would probably step away from and take something more deadly.

    Then you have a .410 shotty that can take .45lc and .410, hacked down barrel to use as a very deadly handgun.

    Ultimate combo

    AK47 or AKM or M1A/mini14

    American 180 hacked down barrel

    The American 180 was never popular, its the only machine gun that you can shoot and not break the bank at the same time. Its a full auto or semi auto .22lr gun that has remarkable magazine capacity. standard is 165 rounds, but they go all the way up into the 300s. Hack down the barrel and you got a portable mini gun that can rifle 1800rpm (.22lr) or 2100 rpm (.22wmr).

    The AK choice is pretty obvious. It may not be as accurate, but thats what the .22lr is for. spraying a great deal of lead with minimal recoil and easy to find ammo. The AK is for larger targets, like other people or animals.

    The alternative to the AK is the M1a or Mini14. The M1a is a modern version of the M14 but looks like the M1. shoots 30-06 and very accurate. The mini14 uses .223, if I could I'd like a 5.56 version so It can take 5.56 and .223. You can't go from .223 to take 5.56, but it works the other way around.

    Source(s): The really ultimate is a collection of arms, not just two guns. AK47 Assault (the select fire one) Krinkov AK pistol Ruger .22lr pistol Kimber .45 Tec9 kg99 (its just awesome looking) Skorpion (tiny, weak, inaccurate, but sure puts holes in things Ruger 1022 Springfield 3006, enfield .303, mosin nagant 7.62x54r SKS detachable mag Mini14 American 180 hacked down side-side double 20ga hacked down 10" Tarsus Judge M16 (one of those, anyway) Pump 12 gauge glock 9mm Cobray M11 M1 carbine Thompson smg MP5 GSG5 FN 5-7 FN P90 (the military one) AA12 saiga .410 and 20 gauge Then I'll just take a pistol and rifle for the day and leave the rest at home or at my fort.
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    I would take a good .357 Mag revolver and a Marlin 1894C .357 Mag carbine. You can use the same ammo in both, and have more power in the carbine. The carbine holds 10 rounds and no mag to lose. Very handy in close quarters. Effective on deer to 100 yds. Ammo is easy to find and doesn't take up much room. You can also use 38 Special ammo in both guns with no problem.

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    I'd take either my Glock 19 or Glock 30, and my AR (my current Franken-gun, a Colt 6920 or LWRC carbine)with a metric buttload of mags for each in my Lightfighter RAID pack. Commonality of ammo would be the reason for bringing them. Given the choice, I'd take a Bill Harsey modified tanto fixed blade. Failing that, probably my Benchmade Skirmish. I'd be nice to have my Master Series Buck 110 for skinnin' jobs.

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    Handgun=Mine, S&W K-frame in 41 Mag

    Rifle=Mine, Savage 110 in 25-06 topped with a Burris 8x32

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    In the unlikely event of such a fantasy scenario, the "availability" of ammo to purchase will be exactly zero, as it will become a commodity more valuable than gold, food or water.

    No one that has any ammo will be "selling" it, and the only ammo will be what you have (or what you can take!).

    9mm pistol, my Browning Hi Power and my .30-06 scoped hunting rifle. Also, I would want to have two others, a .22 rifle, probably my Henry lever action, my Ruger Mark II .22 pistol.

    I happen to have at least a case of ammo for each, ready to load up, plus enough food and water to last at least a few days. You never know.

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    #1....... A ruger Mini 14 or Ruger Mini 30. -------- #2.... Mossberg 500 or 590 with a 18 to 20 inch barrel. OR A Remington 870 18 or 20 inch barrel models with an extended magazine tube. ------- #3.... A long range bolt action rifle chambered in .308, 30-06 or .223 ------ #4 A Semi Auto handgun chambered in 9MM or 45 ACP..... Any high quality brand handgun. ======= Keep all your ammunition in 9MM, 45ACP, 12 gauge buckshot or slugs, 308, 30-06, 7.62x39MM or 223. These are the most popular, easy to find in surplus and easy/cheap to stock up.

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    Here's a list of the weapons i would consider...

    1. Kimber .45 for my Semi-Automatic pistol.

    2. S&W 460XVR 5 shot revolver for my double-action pistol.

    1. Winchester 1300 8 shell police issue pump-action shotgun.

    2. Mossberg 500 Mariner 6 shell pump-action shotgun.

    1. Henry .44 MAGNUM Big Boy lever-action rifle.

    2. Henry .22 MAGNUM Semi-automatic Survival rifle.

    And If i could get my hands on some exotic weapons....my choices would be...

    1. Kalashnikov model automatic rifle of 1947 ( AK-47)

    2. Colt AR-15 A3 Tactical Carbine.

    3. (2X) MP5K-PDW

    4. Pancor Jackhammer 12 Gauge Full-auto Shotgun.

    5. Finally I think I would pick up a Handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip'

    Just for laughs I'd pick up the gun used by the joker in the original Batman....its a . 38spl with custom 21 inch barrel.

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    i think J.P. Chiesa had a very good answerer,but with that in mind i will add that i myself bought 2 cases of 8X57 Mauser ammo as i got it for about 75.00 per thousand, i was also able to find a k98 Mauser for 125.00. now this isn't my first choice of guns,but it is nice to know that i have a rifle and 2 thousand rounds hidden away if i ever need it

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