How much should I charge for creating a database (MS Access)?

I have been asked to create a database for a non-profit adult education organization. My research has shown a variation on flat rates and hourly charges. I live in RI and the database will cover particiapants in a myriad of programs including: GED, ESL, computer skills, citizenship classes, etc. The database will contain demographic info and services provided as well as a billing information.

My other experience is creating a database on-the-job, for which I was simply paid my regualr salary.

I am just seeking to find if there are any standards in the industry.

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    No "Standards" as of yet. Mostly it's what each developer feels thier time is worth.

    But you'll also want to consider the value of what you are providing. Price out Software that does the same thing (or similar, or just one part of what You are building) and see how much You are saving them by building a custom DB.

    I would say figure out what your current salary breaks down to hourly, then figure out how many hours it's going to take you to build it. When you quote them give them a range:

    $xx per hour estimated between x and xx hours, so Total of $XXX- $XXXX. Assuming start date of XXX Delivered on XXX (the maximum time you feel it will take +several days).

    Then if you encounter problems that will take you longer You are covered. And don't forget to include "Shakedown" and "troubleshooting", when they 1st start using it You are bound to have some. And You may want to include an hourly rate for future support as well.

    The 1st freelance I did I gave them a fixed quote, then ended up spending almost an extra week on "little things" they wanted changed so it would be "useable to them". And then they expected "upgrades under warranty" almost a year later, since I didn't inlcude anything about support/troubleshooting/etc.

    Regardless of how well you know someone in thier personal life, they will suprise You in business.

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