Christians, do you really want to give this impression of your God?

"God, being completely holy and perfect, cannot abide any sinfulness near him."

C'mon. That statement makes your supposedly all-powerful deity sound like a total pu**y. Find a better rationalization for the existence of hell than "Ooh, God is such a fragile flower, he can't abide sinfulness near him."


Oh, he's holy, that's why he can't ABIDE unholiness. Think about it! Mother Freaking Theresa was one of the holiest people recently on the earth, but I NEVER heard it reported of her that she insisted on keeping unholy people away from her. Is a little Polish nun more powerful than the supposed creator of the universe?

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    Boo... maybe they are right...


    "... with God all things are possible." -- Matthew 19:26

    Judges 1:19 - New Int'l Version

    THE LORD WAS WITH THE MEN OF JUDAH. They took possession of the hill country, but they were UNABLE to drive the people from the plains, BECAUSE THEY HAD IRON CHARIOTS.

    We all understand... Iron chariots were a new technology in those days and God was not prepared to meet that challenge so GOD AND THE JEWS HAD TO RUN AWAY FOR COVER IN TOTAL CHAOS!

    God the Son Jesus Christ was teaching “War Strategy 101” to his disciples along the same lines… “If the enemy is stronger than you are, you better surrender!” (Luke 14:31).

    Psalm 137: 8-9 - O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us- he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.

    The Bible teaches that the enemies of God ought to be killed in their infancy when it is easier to get rid of them!


    God the Father HELPED Saint Paul to continue his missionary work.

    1 Thessalonians 2:2 (NIV) We had previously suffered and been insulted in Philippi, as you know, but WITH THE HELP OF OUR GOD we dared to tell you his gospel IN SPITE OF STRONG OPPOSITION.

    But 16 verses later in the same chapter Satan defeated God!!!

    1 Thessalonians 2:18 (NIV) For we wanted to come to you–certainly I, Paul, did, again and again–BUT SATAN STOPPED US.

    The Christians who depend on the Bible God’s help ought to know that God is not as strong as the preachers and the clergy claim! Satan beats God in the Bible all the time! All that poor God keeps telling the Devil is, “I’m gonna get you!” But the record in the Bible looks like it is the way around… It is a lousy script, anyway!!! The Christians still want to force kids in public schools to read the Bible to promote to Bible God!

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    You misunderstand what you've heard from Christians or you heard it poorly explained. The fact is, he could smoke you in an instant, but He abides your sinfulness on His planet for as long as He expects you to live with the expectation that you will repent, or serve as an example to those that will.

    But heaven is holy and perfect, and you aren't. Letting you into heaven would be like having a sewer worker walk into a flower shop after an especially nasty job. Doesn't fit. Because God is holy and perfect and we are not, He takes the initiative and makes a way for you to be clean. It's all about Jesus Christ. He faced being nailed to death on a cross for you, and you call him names? Look in the mirror.

    Mr. All powerful deity has given you an opportunity not to spend forever in the sewer, but he is all-powerful enough to make sure you get your wish either way.

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    Well thank Him that He is holy and perfect, else the Universe that you exist in would collapse upon it's self.

    Sounds like you have some projection issues! And in a sense, is this exactly the way you feel about your self? (a negative and insulting remark will be sufficient to prove my point!)

    OK, wise guy, here is a point! How would you help some one that has a highly contagious virus infection (lets say airborne transmission)? Does quarantine mean anything to you? Teressa was one of us. Not holy. She was more active than us in the faith, but none the less, still an 'imperfect' human, born into this state of sin! That does not mean she should have stopped trying to do what is right.

    (Two type of humans: Those who strive to do what is right, and those who give up!)

    Now God (BEING HOLY (THIS MEANS WITH OUT FAULT, EITHER INTENTIONAL OR INHERITED), for the sake of the Universe and everything in it, must not have direct contact with us. Precisely because HE IS HOLY (WITH OUT FAULT).

    So what is the contingency plan? His Son, The Christ. Christ is the way God is in connection with us. This does not mean that Christ is sinful (never may that be), but the existence of the Universe does not depend on Christ, but only God.

    Lastly I will just say (so I don't sound as if a man with no hope), that there will be a time when we (the ones who strive to do good, regardless of religion) will be released from the bonds of imperfection (not under sin any longer), and yes, as humans with out FAULT, we will be able to commune with God again. But not now. I know that sound ridiculous to a non believer, but so does quantum mechanics to a farmer.

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    You asked a sturdy question. listed listed decrease than are a pair of innovations: a million. We journey that any individual who asks a query needs to comprehend the why, as precise using fact the what, of an answer. that may no longer any extra adequate to assert "specific, Jesus did this and that" with out giving a reference. This financial wreck and verse would additionally inform you, or each individual else who would have an interest, the substantial factors and context interior the back of the tale. by way of ways, you would be very much bowled over what number people will take a verse or paragraph thoroughly out of context and look at out to make it say something thoroughly distinctive than what the author or speaker meant it to be. 2. there is yet one better reason we grant Bible verses, and not in basic terms to fill section. Granted, and as I stated above, we ought to grant the finished tale. even with the shown fact that distinctive reason is this would stimulate your thinking. The Bible has plenty to grant: phrases of comprehend-how, peace, philosophy, or maybe eternal lifestyles. i've got have been given learn of Russian or maybe purple chinese language officers who, professing to be atheistic, took savour possessing and analyzing the Bible!

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    It is not because He is fragile- it is because HE IS HOLY- and we are not- and we can approach His Throne, because Jesus dying on the Cross- we don't deserve to be in His presence- however He loves us so much that He desires to have us with Him for eternity- if you cannot accept the fact that Jesus is the only way we can be, then I am sorry- it is true- and one you will realize that- and I pray it will not be too late.

    Jesus too spent time with sinners, while on the earth, because He wanted to have people come into a personal relationship with God, and without the blood of Christ- even Mother Theresa could not be in God's presence- as holy as she seems

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    Before the earth, an angel in heaven wanted to be at the same level of command as God. God couldn't allow this. He (the angel) then left with about 1/3 of the other angels and they created hell. God CAN'T have sinfullness near him which is why the other angels had to leave. They were jealous, which is wrong, or sinfull, so they left. In the same way, if we choose to be sinfull, we send ourself to hell. Because everyone has sinned, we would all go to hell, but, for those who believe that Jesus paid the price on the cross thousands of years ago, and his blood washed away our sins, we can then go to heaven.

    You may add me to your contacts and email me if you want more, I didn't explain well enough, or you oppose this thinking

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    Good point.

    But I think you're ignoring your own advice, which I've seen elsewhere on R&S, not to look for rationality in Christianity.

    Thanks for the laugh, though. Loved the Mother Theresa argument.

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    your using the wrong equation. God said we are to Him as grass is to us.

    Of the Angels he said that we where made a little lower. (Satan is an Angel gone Bad).

    to put it into context Satan is darkness ; God is Light.

    "Darkness, is the absence of Light"

    So all God has to do is Show up. Sit in a Dark room then put the light on. how much resistance did the darkness give?

    There.. That's putting it into context.

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    His glory would consume any sin or sinner like a match to a drop of gasoline, my friend. "Our God is a consuming fire".

    But I think you might be onto the fact that the popular teaching of Hell is a bunch of baloney. If you want real evidence that will shake a lot of us up, go here:

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    Ignorance is bliss. You are quite happy. The verse is not referring to hell, nor is it using the term 'abide' in sense of 'can't take it'. It is questions like these that show many of us that most of you atheists do not understand what you are challenging. If you want to challenge faith and religion if you have to know things about it first, with some sense of understanding. You clearly have neither.

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    Well yeah, that's what they SAY, but what they spend most of their time DOING is abusing children in various ways, whining for money for Jesus and then spending it on prostitutes and coke, yelling at people on street corners, screaming about other people's sins, forming lynch mobs, and trying to subvert democratic institutions to start a theocracy where they can burn people and books at will.

    So maybe they don't act so wimpy.

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