Throttle Position Sensor!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!?

I have a 1990 Mitsubish Eclipse. I took it to the mechanics and had a diagnostic done and was told that It was my injectors and Throttle Position sensor. Keep in mind that my car turned on before I took it. I had the Injectors replaced and the throttle position sensor. Now my car wont turn on at all. Does a throttle position Sensor need to be adjusted? My mechanic replaced the injectors but not the TPS, because I had to order the part. So when it came in, i replaced it myself. However my car wont start at all now. Any help please!!!

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    Read this part of your post carefully, and see if you can find a correlation.

    "My mechanic replaced the injectors but not the TPS, because I had to order the part. So when it came in, i replaced it myself. However my car wont start at all now.

    Now ask yourself, do you think it might have something to do with what I told you yesterday?

    "The outgoing voltage needs to be set by adjusting it to a very narrow range compared to it's reference signal of 5 volts input."

    I'm sorry that there are people here who told you that it doesn't need to be adjusted. At least one of them didn't even know what part he was talking about. Now today, there's a guy who thinks that what you did isn't why the car won't start, when it's the only difference between now and yesterday, when your car did run. I hope you see how insanely stupid that is, and take it to a mechanic who has the specifications to set it by, and a high impedance voltmeter to do it with.

    That's the best advice I have to offer.

    Source(s): ASE Certified Tech, who spent a half hour on the phone last night, explaining to someone how to jump-start a G.D. battery.
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    4 years ago

    easy fix if thats the problem most shops charge 80 to 100 bucks an hour crank and no start issues its best to get the fault codes b4 changing parts and guessing oriellys has a code reader napa may have one but throttle position sensors typicly have 3 bolts . make sure u get masking tape and put around the throttle cables just to mark the positions they came from on the old sensor

  • Yes, a TPS does need to be adjusted properly for the car to run right. Take it back to the mechanic that did the other work, and let him do it for you. It's a fairly simple job, so hopefully it won't cost ya too much.

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    Ana,I've been following you on this and still believe something else is wrong that is not related to the tps or injectors.Standing in your driveway looking at things won't fix it.Someone needs to check out the basic system for a fault in any number of things.

    (1) do the spark plugs spark

    (2) is it getting fuel to the injectors now.

    Hope it works out for you

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like you have luck like me.If you had a mechanic fix it then you may want to mention to him that it isn't running now.something may have gotten disconnected while working on your car. also be sure that the parts that you put on are new and come from a good source.The TPS controls the throttle and the idle.

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    yes !!! yor tps needsto e adjusted and you should be able to start it up and then you will have to tune it a little for it to run corectly

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your TPS is not installed correctly. Take it to your machanic and have him install it right

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