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Obama has been identified as a ' black man' what if he now deicides to be a 'white man'?

America and the world has labelled Obama a black man and hes hasnt tried to disgree with dem what if he decides to be a 'white man' towards the end of the election and since we cant really deny that he is part white would that move change the way u vote or view him ?

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    While his mother was white, he clearly has more features of an African American, so it is natural that he is thought of as black.

    more importantly he is a man, and quite a decent man at that.

    Color doesn't matter, just like gender shouldn't matter.

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    Umm.. he is a black man.

    Second, the first to label him a black man is his wife. In an interview when he first enteredt the race, they asked Michelle..."are you concerned for his safety in running for President.?"

    Her response.... "as a Black Man, I worry about his safety when pumping gas".

    Who is injecting race? Oprah injected race during the December stump speechs.

    Barack uses this ability to play race when it works for him....without making it obvious. Obama is the most divisice of all candidates.

    Let's play your question out....I would not vote for him if all things were the same excpet his color. He stands for nothing, his record is questionable, his money ties are scary, he has flipped on issues, etc ....

    I don't think he would have made it this far if he were white.

    Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Richardson....all much more capable white men....and they didn't make it.

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    Unfortunately, we do not get to choose an identity in America, we are hampered by the divisive, slice and dice, and some times racist opinions of those around us. Consequently, we are treated accordingly.

    GET THE FACTS - an unbiased piece in a new hampshire paper: Monday, Dec. 24, 2007

    INSTEAD OF COMPARING Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's experience -- a vague set of claims -- I turned my attention toward accomplishments. Not what they've accomplished for themselves, but what they've accomplished for others.

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    Study genetics, almost all African Americans are part white(within 3-4 generations and many more further back, Obama has more African genetics than most Americans as his father was actually from Africa. No one is largely pure African except many bloodlines in Africa.

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    He is literally African-American, in the same way some people are Italian-American, Polish-American, Korean-American, or whatever combination you can think of.

    The color of his skin reflects both sides of his family. How he's labeled by America, the world, the press, or himself, will not change his heritage, his politics, or the minds of the people who choose to vote or not vote for him.

  • Well, he's not really black, but not really white. At this stage in life, the majority of us are mixed.

    So, racially speaking he is truly representing our modern society.

    I did not vote for him, but I respect him, because he understand all the sacrifices and challenges that a multi ethnic person faces in society.

    I really hope that he measures both races as his heritage and not only one.


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    bill Clinton have been given 80 3% in ninety six so thinking how the destructive consequence of the Bush administration on the Black community and city usa i could think of he could be close if he have been White and working against McCain. yet Hillary could have fared greater useful interior the prevalent.

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    Black white I really do not care as long as he lives up to what he says he will try to do for the country

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    As long as I can remember, if you have an ounce of Black blood in your body you are called Black. Sometimes people who are mixed have a harder time than Blacks because they don't totally fit in anywhere. He can't and never will be called White by whites.

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    No but if he put up a theme park and decided to invite little boys over to his mansion I might not vote for him.

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