can any body understand stewie griffin or does he talk to himself (appart from brian)?

stewie griffin does he talk to himself or can everybody understand him appart from brian

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    They commented on this in one of the episodes. The one when Peter creates his own state- Petroria.

    Communication with adults

    Seth MacFarlane has established a few general rules as to how Stewie communicates with others.

    Brian always understands

    Brian is, as of now, the only main character whose ability to understand Stewie is unambiguous; the two always converse normally. In "Running Mates", Brian briefly appears to hear Stewie's thoughts; this phenomenon has not been explored in subsequent episodes.[12]

    Adults understand, but disregard Stewie

    Throughout the first two seasons of the series, it was suggested that none of the other prominent characters (with some minor exceptions) could understand what Stewie says, apparently hearing what he says through their ears as infantile blathering. At the end of the episode "E. Peterbus Unum", the question of whether adults could understand Stewie is raised. In the DVD audio commentary, MacFarlane explains adults can understand him, but don't take him seriously, "sort of like... if a four-year-old who [could] talk told you to 'drop dead', you'd think it'd be cute." In this manner, characters acknowledge Stewie, but pay no mind to his often-insulting addresses, such as calling Peter "the fat man" and referring to Lois by her given name. His insults are occasionally heard, such as when Stewie tells Lois "Why don't you burn in hell?!" Lois replies, "Well, no dessert for you, young man."[3]

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    Stewie Griffin Adult

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    Vanessa answered the question (6 years ago, good god!) but why do people take THIS serious? I mean, how many times have you seen a talking dog in cartoons? Alot, right? Now what about talking dogs in real life? Well unless you take drugs, never! So that's my point, don't take cartoons serious!

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    Stewie is a riot

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    lois hears babytalk when he speaks brian must have a microchip or something but he is a talking driving dog

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    I think only brian understands him

    because he threatens his parents and they dont respond so i think to them its just baby talk.

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    Yes how many?.

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