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United States Politics?

How does the U.S. political system work? I know its very different from the Canadian, and it seems very complicated. So how does it work?

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    There's a lot more to it but there are three branches to the United State government:

    1- the Executive branch - headed by the President. It is charge of administering the laws, providing national defense and international relations. The President has veto power over any legislation passed by Congress.

    2- the Legislative branch - composed of two chambers: the House of Representatives. The number of representatives in a state is based on population. and the Senate in which each state is given two seats. The Legislative branch proposes legislation and passes it. Congress can override a Presidential veto. Congress votes money for all of the President's programs.

    3- Judicial Branch - The Supreme Court's job is be the final court in the country. They are also asked to judge on the Constitutionality of laws whose legality is questioned.

    That's basically how it works. There are a lot more to it and the best thing to do is to get a book on American government for the rest of the details.

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    We work on what is called a Federal system. We have three branches of gov't.

    -Legislative. This includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. We have 100 senators, 2 from each state; We also have 435 Representatives, according to state population. This branch makes the laws.

    -Executive. This includes the President and his Cabinet. They have the job of running the military and executing the laws.

    -Judicial. This is our Supreme Court, which is made up of 13 justices. This branch checks our laws to make sure they are not in conflict with the Constitution.

    Each branch has a bit of power over the other, so that no branch is too powerful. The Legislative has the power to overrule the Presidents desicions by a 2/3 majority. The Executive has the power to veto, or overturn, the Legislative's desicions. The Judicial has the power to over turn any law if it is in conflict with our constitution.

    Though, the Legislative is the most powerful branch. They have the ultimate powers to declare war, control money supply, and make the laws. But again, the other two branches can impeach these desicions.

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    It doesn't. The more corrupt & evil you are the more you can get away with. Like the present administration. Fear, terror, lies, cheatingcover-ups,etc. The U.S. gets what it deserves. The electorate (U.S. citizens) are as ignorant & apathetic as ever. It's all about greed & corruption.

    Source(s): Watching this country self destruct over the last 7 years.
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