no more plastic bags? why? save environment? good marketing tool?

sell a coustomer a bag with the store name for $? and the price of oil to make the bags won't cost you a dime ya, why pay for a bag to save the earth no to make stores money wake up people . I am not being conned.


stores do profit from sales of bags

they do not do it for free! think...

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    Plastics are made from a by product of oil refineries called Naphtha Gas. Before this gas was used to make plastics, 1950’s, it was being dumped into the atmosphere, millions of tonnes of it. I hate to think what would have happened to our atmosphere, by now, if the dumping had continued.

    Although the oil company’s are quite protective of the exact processes used to make plastics, very little pollution is produced during the manufacturing process and if you take into account the fact that it is stopping the Naphtha gas being dumped into the atmosphere you could argue that it is in fact stopping pollution.

    Once the raw plastics are received into factories and manufactured into plastic products there is virtually no pollution or by products produced at all. Any scrap produced is fully recycled and reused.

    The pollution from the use of plastic comes almost entirely from discarded products and if these were recycled by all of us then the damage to the environment would be negligible. The problem really is on how to get the population, councils and governments to really understand the problem and to recycle effectively.

    Plastic also do a huge amount of good for the environment. I could bore you with facts and figures but in brief –

    If plastics were not used for packaging, paper would probably be used which would result in a huge amount more trees being felled. I am already concerned about the amount of forest depletion in the world today.

    If paper were used instead of plastics the volume of paper would be at least 3 times that of plastics. Our land fills would have to cope with this huge increase in volume because to get a similar strength paper is required to be 3+ times as thick as plastic. The transport costs of the paper would be at least 3 times that of plastics which again would cause more 3 times the pollution.

    The manufacture of paper uses huge amounts of energy, bleaches, dyes and chemicals. (Have you ever seen a clean river near a paper mill?). This would increase hugely if not for plastics.

    The manufacture of other products from plastics rather than from natural products stops the world’s natural resources being wasted. For example if a car dash board was not plastic then it would probably be made from some exotic timber.

    If cars contained no plastic parts they would be 30% heaver and consume 30% more fuel and so produce 30% more pollution.

    People tend to have a very closed mind on the subject of plastics and have made no real attempt to learn or understand the total picture. In many ways the enviroment would be worse off if plastic did not exist especially if the oil companies continued to dump the Napthata gas into the enviroment. It is the end users that disposes of the product in inappropiate ways that is the problem. The person that throws the plastic bag into the river or sea. The person that is to lazy to wash out the empty plastic dihwash bottle and put it in the recycle bin. The person that eats a mars bar and throws the wrapper on the ground. If you want to blame anyone, blame you and me and everyone else.

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    You're not being conned but, you are one sided. Paper bags are made from a renewable resource. Paper bags are 100 % recycleable and do no harm to the world we live on. Plastic bags take years to break down. I grew up with paper bags they were handy and 100% disposable without haveing to worry about what would happen in 10 years. Gee, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which are better for the environment.

    Source(s): Child of the 50's
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  • 1 decade ago

    People who pay for this are doing so out of concern for the environment. The local grocery only charges $1/bag, which I think is reasonable. The volume that they sell cannot be making them very much profit, if any at all. I think they are simply responding to a demand from their customers and also making a public relations move.

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  • ludden
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    what's ideal for the ambience is re-usable mesh bags. As you noted, both paper and plastic have their drawbacks. A bag you should use over and yet all over again works a lot more beneficial acceptable. in truth, there are some grocery shops which cost 3 cents a bag in basic terms to get you to deliver your own re-usables. -Dio

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah. Great reason not to use re-usable bags. I would rather trash the environment for years to come then let a store put their name on a bag.

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