De La Soul "Money makes the world go round"?

Does anyone know the name of that song by de la soul? it has the verse in it "money makes the world go round" any help would be great.


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    I'm not sure but this two are close

    De La Soul Itzsoweezee Lyrics


    Great all-dedication

    Mos def affiliation

    Adequate representation

    This is the phat presentation

    De la dedication

    Common sense collaborations

    Peace to all of you haitians

    Check it out

    Chorus: repeat 2x

    If money makes a man strange -- we gots to rearrange

    So what makes the world go round

    If love is against the law -- listen I don't know

    Gotta change how it's goin down

    Verse one: dove

    Fell in love with this fish who got caught in my mesh

    But yo she burned my scene up like david koresh

    I guess a diamond ain't nothing but a rock with a name

    I guess love ain't nuttin but emotion and game

    It's a lesson well learned so praise is well due

    I'm sendin off from big i, to kenny calhoun

    And add a reservation for the resident crew

    And yo get your bowl 'cause we cookin up stew

    See them cubans don't care what y'all niggaz do

    Colombians ain't never ran with your crew

    Why you acting all spicy and sheisty

    The only italians you knew was icees, niggaz price me

    I'm keepin it clean, like a washing machine

    And yo, get your locomotion run into full steam

    I'm sending out a greeting to my man daseem

    I got a child so I gotsta get the green, right right


    Itzsoweezee, it's gettin hot this year

    Itzsoweezee, it's gettin hot

    (repeat 4x)

    Verse two: dove

    I own the deeds to some acres in the west, indeed

    Where my pops is building residence to house my seed

    Now here's the lead, y'all niggaz pray to hot rods and not god

    While versace play you niggaz like yahtzee

    Crackin jokes like you patzi

    (when's the last time you had happy days? )

    Blazin up your herb to escape the maze, but the problem stays

    Think big get it big is my motto

    You can go and play your lotto, I'll be singin like baby won't you be mine

    You'll be pressin rewind, you can never see mine

    Keep your eyes focused, you can't touch this or quote this

    Style is crazy bogus so you can't try to approach this

    Stomp you out like roaches, pullin on my coattail

    Like some horses pullin coaches, whoa your roller coasters

    It's hotter than the temperature that's cookin in your toasters

    While the heat'll put you deep into hypnosis

    Chorus 2x

    Itsoweezee, enoli's in the area

    Itsoweezee, timbo king's in the area

    Itsoweezee, maseo's in the area

    Itsoweezee, ninety-six in your area

    Itsoweezee, lawd lawd lawd!

    Itsoweezee, lawd lawd lawd lawd

    Itsoweezee, lawd lawd, for y'all peace


    Itsoweezee (8x)

    De La Soul - Come On Down lyrics

    Artist: De La Soul

    [Flava Flav]

    Look man! You're botherin me G

    I got **** to do right now, aight?

    This is for De La Soul, y'knahmsayin?

    Word up I got **** to do you test tube baby! {*laughing*}

    Check one two, check one two

    De La Soul, is now back on the map

    Long Island, is now back on the map

    Good rap music, is now back on the map

    Yo check one two, this is the voice of yours truly the Flava Flav

    And I just want y'all to know, we ain't goin nowhere

    Old school is here to stay BOY!

    [Posdonus] + (Flava Flav)

    On the outskirts, of what works

    Live those who go for broke, and merk to get merked

    Live by the sword and die by the semi

    Not part of my ways, but stays right in my

    N.Y. mentality for me to be the best

    The current, the ones who weren't

    pressed, to confess lies over hot joints

    to sell to all who wanna hear some

    (Young'uns these days got fireproof eardrums!)

    They don't give a **** who's hot

    Just long as you're not, *****, and be the would-be King

    But once crowned, the same wanna pull you down

    (And what makes the world go 'round!!)

    And I be the world renowned Wonder Why

    Wonderin why you can't stand me

    Is it because I'm the main Jackson

    and y'all just Titos and Randys? (Yes, it is!)

    Bless the kid who hold his own head and expect to last

    At the same time, I want respect and cash

    And a few paragraphs in them books

    Tellin you how us Native Tongues made hits with no hooks

    Rapped in every prefixes, gave birth to rap remixes back in '88

    No disrespect to Diddy just settin it straight

    Instead of zig-zaggin, got a degree in braggin

    My daughter says I'm a teen, cause like a teen

    my pants always saggin and I walk with a bop

    The {?} part of my time, I walked from my pop

    No longer on timey and was never on Loud

    But cooked rhymes that make the Chefs of Wu proud

    I'm top cloud to rain on your show

    And still "anything goes when it comes to hoes" because

    [Flava Flav]

    Music (c'mon) New York (c'mon) Detroit (c'mon) c'mon down!

    Miami (c'mon) L.A. (c'mon) Vegas (c'mon) c'mon down!

    Boston (c'mon) Tucson (c'mon) Long Island (c'mon) c'mon down!

    V.A. (c'mon) Portland (c'mon) Chi-Town (c'mon) c'mon down!

    [Dave] + (Flava Flav)

    Make you shake like, sunshine, naked shoe was once mine

    Had bottom inner drawers and used to hit it from the mids

    Fix your playground player or some kids'll

    come stomp in your sandbox, swollen hands cocked back

    No knives, no drama, no guns

    No disrespectin your seed or Ma Dukes

    I puke rhyme and you laugh, take a sniff

    of these fricaseed raps on Carribean riffs

    See last night's change was today's dough money

    No time for your freestyles so roll money

    No more whack albums with two joints

    No more ballplayin rappers who shoot ya two points

    (No more G cause I'm sick of your hip-hop!)

    Your flows bore like seashores with no bitches

    Switchhittin niggaz will receive no pitches

    No diamonds on the field, just keep the game real

    simple, see the God flows healthy

    Wealth in the mind is like money in the bank

    Exchange cash like thoughts in conversation

    Thank you for your purchases, we dough out

    and roll out the Kool-Aid, {?} see us pimp strut

    Ain't really pimpin, I'm tryin to catch the bus

    The Krush Groove ain't got **** on Cold Crush!

    We dolly dolly babies cause we shootin cats

    'Back to the Future' rap with Doc Brown shotgunnin it

    And pantyhose your whole style and start runnin it

    You dudes fiddle while we stay on the cello

    The mush-in-your-room son, we stay portobello

    Can't settle for the same picket white fence

    I got dreams of barbed wire in front of factories pa

    Still push the truck with the factories pa

    I'm bound to wreck the whip and turn insurance out, make 'em shout

    [Flava Flav]

    D.C. (c'mon) Oakland (c'mon) U.K. (c'mon) c'mon down!

    New Orleans (c'mon) Little Rock (c'mon) B-More (c'mon) c'mon down!

    Memphis (c'mon) Utah (c'mon) Jersey (c'mon) c'mon down!

    Atlanta (c'mon) Brooklyn (c'mon) Philly (c'mon) c'mon down!

    [Flava Flav]

    Yeah that's right! Flava Flav, with De La Soul

    Act bold, and we knock you straight up in the hole

    Y'knahmsayin? Six feet deep, that's the way that we keep, rollin

    Y'knahmsayin? Operation tech sensation in the nation

    Ready to take it to Penn Station, y'knahmsayin?

    Yeah, ah ha ha ha {*laughing*}

    Long Iz one is, that's where we is man {*laughing*}

    De La Soul, you done it again!

    De La Soul, you done it again! {*laughing*}

    De La Soul, you done it again! {*laughing*}

    Flava Flava, De La Soul, you done it again!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely Itzsoweezee!!!

    That's my jam, and the sample used on that song is just classic!!

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