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Does anyone use a reverse osmosis filter? Is it easy to hook up to your tap.?

I am purchasing a saltwater aquarium in the near future and am debating on if I should get an RO filter or not. Are they easy to use? I want to get one with a tap connector so I can unhook it when I don't need it. Any suggestions would be great. I just figured it would be easier than lugging home 20 jubs from the store

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    i have always used tap water, and just let it adjust to room temp. and use a charcoal filter.

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    i became chatting with an engineer at artwork approximately this subject some weeks returned, and he instructed me he might on no account drink revers osmosis water, ever. He stated how a pal of his had as quickly as examined how acidic RO water is; 'he had a organic stainless-metallic rod, and this 'became' good grade stainless-metallic, and he dipped it in a tumbler of RO water. approximately an hour later the metallic that were touched by potential of the water became discoloured and taking off to rust. it would take years for that to ensue in regularly occurring water'.

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