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okay well my dad's friend came into town and we were all in the living room talking and well my dad said something about my grades and told me to tell him friend what i wanted to be when i was older and i was a wrestler..which is true! and they laughed i really don't understand why. i'm a straight A student...and just want to get the heck out of parkersburg WV. but why is it funny?

WQ:What is going to be the Main Event at WRESTLEMANIA!

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    i say to hell with anyone who doesnt think you can do it, if you want it go out and get it, start off by going to local wrestling schools and really work hard at it, i hope you prove all those doubters wrong.

    wa:hmm im thinking john cena v orton v triple hhh.

    edit: you could be "the straight edge chick" who doesnt give a crap about what people say about you, you look down upon people who drink, you hate people polluting your air and you hate seeing all these people taking drugs.

    i know cm punk has done that gimmick but a female wrestler hasnt done that gimmick.

    edit: and your wrestling name?

    (straight edge chick)SEC Morgan

    edit: good luck SEC Morgan pursuing that dream.

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    Some parents are like that..

    They think you're a straight A student, so you have to be ambitious and become a doctor, lawyer or something along that line in the future.

    They never consider your interests, so they think you're probably making a joke by saying you want to be a wrestler in the future(they think it's some inferior job like a garbage cleaner etc)

    It's not funny at all..some adults have the *best*(sarcastic) sense of humor

    John Cena Vs. Triple H

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    Because being a wrestler isn't a normal job per say and its very hard to pursue especially being a woman b/c u have to be perfect in every single way ...they prob think you will change your mind when u get older..never give up on your dream

    HHH vs Orton vs Cena

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    They maybe want you to be a model or something so you don't get hurt I don't blame you I wanna be a wrestler too

    LOL Cena vs Hardy

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    They think its funny because they are under the influence that wrestling is a joke.

    Cena vs Orton vs HHH

  • They laughed coz wrestling is a non-sense joke these days plus most of the women wrestlers are sex-symbols,they have to expose their false boobs and body, there is a one more trend of posing for playboy.Thats why theY laughed because they think you want to do these dirty things.

    AND M.E. will be cena vs. hhh

    however I will like to see CHRIS JERICHO vs. CENA vs. JEFF HARDY vs. HBK with hhh as refree.

    Source(s): WHAT! did i say something wrong.What I typed is damn! true. So who are the morons,giving me thumbs down AND I M sure some of them are about to give me some more thumbs down.
  • cena vs triple h

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    Deuce N Domino laugh at your dad and his friends ignorance.

    Source(s): OOOOOOOOHHHH!
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    what is so funny about that.

    hhh vs cena and edge vs taker

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