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Swaying and red embarrassment?

every time i get in front of the class to do a report I get a red and swetty. the to top it off I start un controalby swaying. Somtimes i don't even know I am doing it but someone always yells out STOP SWAYING!!!!! How do I stop???

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    I used to have a lot of problems with giving presentations... like, I'd fake sick so I wouldn't have to go to school because I was scared to death. I still get pretty nervous, but I just sort of ignore it.

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before and don't drink a bunch of coffee in the morning. It doesn't help when you're hyped up on caffeine if you're already feeling nervous. Remember to breathe, and just relax.

    Don't worry so much about what everyone thinks. I've started to just tell myself, "Who cares about them?" Whenever I start to get a little too nervous, I tend to look toward my teacher because they usually give me an encouraging look that gives me a burst of confidence. Relax and you'll be fine. =)

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    That's social phobia or anxiety you're suffering from. Unfortunately, it's not easy to get rid of this problem. Seeing a psychologist and taking medications such as Paxil might be one way of treating this problem even though they are not 100 % successful.

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    look beyond the class, not at their faces. think of them with out clothes. Get good props to focus the attention on it instead of you. Be confident!!

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    This is Satan at work! Especially the red part. If you go to church more often, I bet the problem will go away. Praise Jesus!

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