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What are some good colleges in Ohio?

I searched online and I didn't get much.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    While their lists are very comprehensive, I feel that you should decide on what type of environment you would want the college to be in. (I must add Otterbein to their lists)

    For example, Ohio State is one of the largest universities in the US with over 50,000 students. The middle group is Miami University with 15,000. And the small, with Hiram, University of Findlay (and many more) with approx. 2,000.

    There are a lot of choices, but it seems like the more popular, prestigious schools are:

    1. Ohio State, Columbus (obvious choice, Fisher school of business is one of the top, excellent sports and nightlife. can be a bit distracting if trying to study.)

    2. Miami University, Oxford (public ivy that is consistently on national rakings, outside of Cincinnati but beautiful campus. Business, art and liberal sciences focus.)

    3. University of Cincinnati (I would be wary of the surroundings if you're a girl, it's not in the best area of Cincinnati. A lot of violence.)

    4. Ohio University, Athens (much like Miami, similar size and academics. OU is known for it's massive Halloween party each year. They have a great journalism program that's nationally recognized)

    5. Bowling Green, Bowling Green (in the middle of no-where. literally. Education program is one of the best in the nation)

    6. Case Western, Cleveland (great school, focus on engineering and the hard-sciences)

    I know there are many smaller ones that I left off this list, but if you want to learn more about them, just Google the name and go to their website. Colleges would love to have you visit them and understand their atmosphere.

    -word of the wise. look at the U.S. news and college rankings.

    while is a good resource to have, you can't fully depend on it.

    good luck.

    Source(s): Me, all of the colleges I visited when looking for the right one and visiting friends. (Miami student)
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    1 decade ago

    Well it depends what type of degree you are looking to fulfill, but here are some colleges/universities that are overall very qualified:

    Kent State University

    Ashland University

    Ohio State University

    Ohio University

    Oberlin College

    Youngstown State University

    Bowling Green State University

    John Carroll University

    Miami University

    Ohio Wesleyan University

    Xavier University

    Otterbein University.

    You can also use a search engineer that will tailor the search to what you are looking for. Try:

    Good Luck!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    There are lots of good colleges in Ohio. Go to, the online version of the standard Peterson's Guides. It has an excellent search capability that will help you pinpoint just the kind of college you want. When you get to the main page, click on Advanced Search and you'll be able to search by state, by type of college, by size, and by lots and lots of other factors that might be important to you. Enjoy!

    Source(s): I work in higher ed.
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  • 1 decade ago

    good job natalie, but you forgot about

    Akron University

    Malone college

    Mount Union

    Hiram College

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