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what were the No Way Out results?

if you can, please describe what happened in the matches too.

Thank you guyz!


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    Chavo Guerrero defeated CM Punk to retain the ECW Championship. Chavo slaps Punk quickly after the bell rings and Punk responded with a big kick to the head leveling Chavo. Punk with a quick backbreaker, cover and only a two count. Chavo kicked Punk to the outside when Punk landed on the ring apron. When Punk gets back in the ring, Chavo takes him out with a big uppercut. Chavo with a quick takedown and body flip splash on Punk. More offense from Chavo with a side suplex on Punk. Chavo then applied a body scissors submission. Punk fights out catapulting Chavo into the corner. Punk with a big knee to the head of Chavo followed by a high back body drop. Punk with a quick powerslam on Chavo, cover, but only a two count. Punk attempts the GTS, but Chavo counters into a huracanrana. Chavo with a close pinfall on Punk following a tornado DDT from the corner. Punk with a kick to the head, cover, but another two count. Punk attempts the Three Amigos, but the fans in Vegas boo! Punk gets the fans back with a bulldog from the corner on Chavo, but Chavo puts his foot on the bottom rope during the pinfall. Punk launches Chavo over the top rope, Chavo lands on the ring apron and Punk kicks Chavo in the head sending Chavo to the ground. Punk leaves the ring and rolls Chavo back in to prevent a countout. Punk crotches Chavo on the top rope, attempts a top rope huracanrana, but Chavo holds on to the ropes, Punk hits the mat and Chavo connects with the Frog Splash. Chavo covers Punk and gets the pinfall to retain the ECW Championship.

    After the match, Tazz and Joey Styles talk about how Chavo Guerrero always finds a way to win and that is why he is still ECW Champion. They show a few highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Chavo holds his arms in the air with the ECW Title.

    Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman talk about what went down on Friday Night Smackdown with Rey Mysterio taking out Vickie Guerrero with a West Coast Pop.

    Mike Adamle is backstage with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio talks about how Edge only looks out for himself and that it was an accident that he took out Vickie. Adamle brings up the reports of Mysterio suffering a torn bicep. Mysterio said he intends on competing tonight and shows off the bruises on his arm. Adamle asks how he can compete tonight and Mysterio said he can overcome anything with the World Title on the line. Floyd Mayweather Jr. then shows up and he embraces with Mysterio. Floyd asks him if he will get the job done tonight and Mysterio promises he will. Mysterio and Floyd leave as we see Mayweather Jr.'s giant posse follow behind him.

    Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plug cell phone voting for tonight's Raw Elimination Chamber.

    Backstage, we see Chris Jericho warming up for the Elimination Chamber. Back live, we see a shot of the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring as it starts to lower.

    A video package looking at the Elimination Chamber airs.

    The Undertaker won the Smackdown/ECW Elimination Chamber. MVP was out first and got into one of the pods. Big Daddy V with Matt Striker was out second. The Great Khali was out third. Finlay was out fourth. Batista and The Undertaker were the last two to enter and will kick off the match. The two exchange punches. Batista gets the best of Undertaker with a knee to the gut and throws him into the corner. Batista drives his shoulder into Undertaker's gut a few times until Undertaker breaks it up with a high knee. Undertaker launches Batista over the top rope and Batista lands on the steel floor of the chamber. Undertaker then pushes Batista's face into the chain. Batista fights back kicking Undertaker in the head through the ropes. Batista with an irish whip to the corner, Undertaker bounches off and Batista levels Undertaker with a clothesline. Undertaker then fights back choking Batista in the corner. Batista fights back with a big clothesline on Undertaker. Undertaker and Batista knock each other out with a big boot as time expires. Out of the pods first is Big Daddy V. V goes after Undertaker with a big chest chop and then chops Batista over the chest as well. V then levels both with two clotheslines. V with a big scoop slam on Undertaker and another chest chop on Batista. V with a samoan drop on Undertaker. V then stands on Undertaker's chest applying pressure. V headbutts Undertaker and he falls back into the chamber door. The door opens up and Undertaker falls to the outside in something that obviously wasn't planned. Undertaker favors his arm, gets back in and they lock up the door. Back in the ring, Batista takes out V with a huge spinebuster. Batista clotheslines V over the top rope, V hits the steel and Undertaker takes out V with a big DDT. Batista covers Big Daddy V and gets the pinfall.

    Big Daddy V is eliminated.

    Time expires and out next is The Great Khali. Khali charges out and headbutts both Undertaker and Batista. Khali chops Undertaker over the head and then does the same to Batista. A loud "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" chant starts up. Khali works on Batista in the corner with some elbows when Undertaker walks up hitting Khali with some right hands. Khali with a big Khali Bomb on Undertaker, covers, but Undertaker kicks out. Khali takes out Batista and then levels Undertaker with another chop to the head. Khali applies the Vice Grip over Batista's head, but Batista breaks it up and takes out Khali with a big Spear. Undertaker then takes out Batista with a big boot. Khali's translator gets up on the chamber door and Undertaker takes him out with a big boot. When he lands, he lands hard on his knee and screams out in pain. Undertaker applies what looks to be a triangle submission on Khali and Khali taps out. Well, that is what Cole and Coachman said but we really couldn't see it all that well.

    The Great Khali is eliminated.

    Time expires and out next is Finlay. Undertaker takes out Finlay with a big boot right away. Finlay fights back sending Undertaker into the corner and then sends Batista over the top rope onto the steel. Finlay picks up Undertaker and hits a huge side walk slam, but Undertaker kicks out after two during a pinfall attempt. When Finlay goes after Batista on the steel, Batista trips him up and then catapults Finlay into the chain wall. In the ring, Undertaker takes out Batista with a quick clothesline. Quick pinfall attempt by Finlay on Batista, but another two count. Finlay sends Undertaker over the top rope and Undertaker lands on the steel. Finlay then throws Undertaker into the chain wall. Finlay sends Undertaker face first into an empty pod and the pod breaks. Batista then grabs Finlay and sends his arm right into the steel post. Batista with a big suplex on Finlay off the top rope.

    Time expires and MVP is the only one left. MVP tries to keep his pod shut as Undertaker stands in front. When it opens, Undertaker walks in and takes out MVP with kicks and punches. Undertaker goes back in the ring and Batista goes right after him with shoulder charges in the corner. Undertaker with a big boot on Batista from the corner. MVP hits the ring and kicks Batista in the face and then does the same to Undertaker. MVP covers Undertaker, but he kicks out after two. MVP takes off his chain and starts choking Finlay with it. MVP wraps the chain around his fist and takes out Undertaker with it. Undertaker's head is busted open from the chain shot. MVP with a big boot on Finlay and Batista. Undertaker stands up and MVP tries to punch him. Undertaker takes each punch and still stands on his feet. MVP leaps up on the top rope and then jumps up onto the top of a pod. Undertaker follows MVP up to the top rope. Undertaker grabs MVP by the neck and flips him off the top of the pod. MVP crashes to the center of the ring! Finlay crawls over and covers MVP to get the pinfall.

    MVP is eliminated.

    Undertaker is still up on the top rope and sees Finlay down. Undertaker jumps attempting an elbow, but Finlay rolls out of the way. We then see a shot of Hornswoggle popping his head out from under the chamber and throwing a shillelagh at Finlay. Finlay goes after Batista with it and it is legal. Batista then attempts a Batista Bomb, but Finlay cracks the shillelagh over his head to break it up. Undertaker then chokeslams Finlay over the top rope onto the steel! Undertaker covers and gets the pinfall.

    Finlay is eliminated.

    We are down to Undertaker and Batista. The two start exchange punches. When Undertaker punches, the fans cheer. When Batista punches, the fans boo. Batista with a huge Batista Bomb on Undertaker! Batista covers, but Undertaker somehow kicks out. Batista's head is busted open. Batista starts punching Undertaker in the head in the corner, but Undertaker lifts Batista up and connects with the Last Ride! Undertaker then signals for the end, but Batista counters a Tombstone Piledriver and throws Undertaker over the top rope sending Undertaker onto the steel floor. Batista puts Undertaker on his shoulder and launches him into the chain wall. Batista attempts this a second time, but Undertaker gets his hands up to block it. Batista backs up to the ropes, Undertaker puts his feet down, flips Batista up onto his shoulder and connects with the Tombstone Piledriver in a great spot. Undertaker covers Batista and gets the pinfall. Undertaker advances to WrestleMania 24 for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Winner & #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 24: The Undertaker

    After the match, The Undertaker gets to his feet and points to the WrestleMania 24 logo hanging in the arena. We see highlights from the match leading to The Undertaker's victory.

    Backstage, World Heavyweight Champion Edge is with The Edgeheads. They say it looks like he will be facing Undertaker at WrestleMania. Edge says he knows that, but said they need to focus on tonight. Teddy Long walks in and said

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    i'm happy that Triple H retained the call in what i think replaced into an spectacular adventure. to characteristic directly to what many have stated and likely will say; it did make experience for "the pastime" to maintain the call simply by actuality that Randy Orton in basic terms had an prolonged call reign and Triple H needs to maintain it for a on a similar time as. average Judgment Day replaced into all that undesirable, and replaced into somewhat greater advantageous than i presumed it would be. i might provide adventure of the nighttime to Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho and good at the back of that must be Triple H vs. Randy Orton. score 8½ out of 10. thank you Tony for constantly offering outcomes for people who did no longer or can not order the pay-according to view. you do no longer ought to do it, yet you're consistent and supply precise information. STARRED!

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    Orton disqualified himself retains title

    Triple H wins Raw elimination chamber

    Edge retains

    Undertaker wins Smackdown! elimination chamber

    Flair won

    Chavo retains vs CM Punk

    Big Show returned

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    Smackdown Elimination Chamber-Undertaker

    Raw Elimination Chamber-HHH

    Cena vs. Orton-Cena

    Rey vs. Edge-Edge

    Punk vs. Guerrero-Guerrero

    Flair vs. Kennedy-Flair

    Big Show Returned

    If you want desciption go to

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    okay hhh-won raw elimination

    orton of course got disqualified and still has title because of it

    edge- still has title and won match

    undertaker-won smackdown elimination

    flair-won against kennedy

    chavo still retains his belt-won match

    the smackdown elimination was the best match. you can find the results at but seeing it was great.

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    Why not just go to ? Makes perfect sense to me. Instead of coming on here and asking or looking for some dumbass wrestling mark website.

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    watch raw tonight and find out

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    i dont quite know but i bet that cena is gonna get the wwe title back i hope he dont

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    why not Google it?

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