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Swollen eye lid and swollen bump in front of ear lobe almost on cheak?

A few days ago my husband had a pile of floresent lights explode in his face. He checked for glass and there was none and he was not cut at all.

The next morning his eye was swollen and when he pushed on it puss came out, only in pimple form, like 7 or 8 spots of puss...I know..growse. The swelling got worse and he went to emerg. They told him there was no glass in his eye and that it was just an "infection" (now, the docs in my town are known to be clueless). They said it was not a stye, and there is no glass. They gave him ani infection drugs but we are doubting the diagnosis. All the doc did was look at it under the light and he was not aware of the other bump by his ear.

When he got home, he noticed another swollen bump by his ear/on his cheak.

His eye and this bump have gotten worse, his eye is almost closed now.

What could this be?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This sounds like a bacterial infection of the lid. The lymph drainage from the eye is to the pre-auricular node in front of the ear lobe and it sounds like you have swelling of this node. See an ophthalmologist soon.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Go to another Dr, by all means, Maybe you check with an eye specialist, I wouldn't fool around with it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the liquid stuff they use in flouresent lights to make them flourescent could have gotten under his skin in a cut. this happened to my brother the year before last. he almost died as the liquid got into his bloodstream. take him to ER tell them what happened and they will cut the bumps open and try to remove the liquid stuf. good luck

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