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What are your thoughts on a Private School with the Holy Mother's name "St.Mary's" discriminate against women?

They wouldn't let a female Referee officiate the Boys Basketball game because she was a woman...and they don't accept women in an authority role.

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    Sounds fine to me, as it's a Private School. Were it a Public School I'd have a problem with it. Kind of ironic though, given it is named afer the saint "Mary", her being a woman in an authroity role and all.

    Unless I am mistaken, it's legal to not hire people, regardless of rationale.

    It's not how I would run things, but then I don't run that school, which is supported by a private organization or private individuals rather than by the government.

    Seems kind of odd they have female teachers though, but then get on the referee, quite inconsistent.

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    Because Mary didn't officiate. She was the equipment manager. It's funny when a local story goes national. I live not far from St. Mary's. It's been in the KC paper for over a week now. Stories like this are often over-simplified to appeal to the indignation of the masses, but in this case things are as simple as they are being portrayed. Officials at the Catholic church objected to a female having authority over the boys. I wonder how they explain the whole nun as teacher thing.

  • RoVale
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    It's clear this school is picking and choosing. It has female teachers and yet it says that women shouldn't have authority over men. I believe the reason for this inconsistency is because there are many more male referees than teachers. Most men do not want to be teachers, especially at the lower grade levels so the school has no choice but to hire women but since there are plenty of male referees, it can discriminate in that manner.

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    SP said it right.

    It is a private school. I see nothing wrong with it.


    Blue B: Yes it is discrimination. And? It is a private school, furthermore it is a Catholic School, what, did you expect it to have the same standards as a Montessori? Parents obviously send there kids to this school because they want to. If they disapprove of this apparent discrimination they can take their kids out and put them in another private school or, God forbid, public schools.

    Catholicism has been around for about 1600 years and they still do not allow female priests. This is what they believe, this is how they live their lives, if you do not like it do not participate in it.

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    It seems that entire continents have disappeared from the scope of America's TV news. Thus about 7 minutes of air time can be devoted to non-stories such as this, a perfect example of mass media pablum...

    News Flash! Religious institutions needn't conform to the feminista ideals that stranglehold the government. That famous "wall of separation between church and state" is still in place. Get used to it. --Carlos

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    Yeah. Saw that in another question. Obviously, there are some sexist ideas that are held by the school's administrators.

    It's a private school. If the attitude is not supported by those funding the school, it will be changed.

    Mary was a mother. I wondered if the school encouraged the kids to disobey their Moms.

    Nothing much surprises me anymore. Good point.

    C. :)

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    If you read the New Testament, especially Paul's epistles, you will see that women in authority is a concept particularly procribed. I find this attitude in Roman Catholic (with St. mAry, that's you) and in fundamentalist Baptist churches, too.

    However, the Constitution only restricts government organizations, NOT private ones. If you don't like it, leave.

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    It does not matter if it is private school. They are organized under the laws of the state and receive tax exempt status from the IRS - therefore they are receiving public benefits.

    Discrimination is illegal regardless. They interferred with her right to earn a living (she is a paid referee).

    Further more thses folks ahev been excommunicated - they are not Roman Catholic.

  • Anonymous
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    Nothing will change dear.

    If you have kids. Don't enroll them in that School.

    My kids all went to Public School and they came out okay!

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    1 decade ago

    Great! I can just imagine what those boys have to recite when they graduate from the school!

    [School Administrators] Repeat after me boys!

    Women are not human beings. They are devices put here by the Lord, our Father, for our amusement! Amen! Now go out into the world and be the best womanizer you can be! Make us all proud.

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