I am a 24 year old. I had unprotected sex with a co worker 2 months ago. I have NO symptoms, just nervous stom

ach, is it possible that I could have HIV. I got tested the next day. No stds, and when the HIV tests came back two weeks later. No HIV, said the doctors. I have NO rashes, no weight loss, just nausea from being paranoid. I know the 3 month mark was ignored, and I went the next day, but I show NO symptoms, and she said she got tested also, and she had no HIV, she asked me to believe her, but I wasnt there when she was tested. I stress out easily. Should I worry? It was ONLY vaginal, and it was only about two minutes. I pulled out as soon as I was going to ejaculate. Should I be worried. Or is my nausea strickly from paranoia??


I mean, it is now two months later, I have no symptoms, And the first test was negative for all stds, but Im just insanely paranoid about it. I stress easily, and I say again, I have had NO symptoms after two months. So whats do you guys think??

Update 2:

Well, I got tested today. and.....NEGATIVE. Im INSANELY relieved. I listened to ALL of your feedback and I appreciate it. Thank you. I will without a doubt be MORE careful in the future.

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    Please do yourself a big favor and go get tested again. There is NO way anyone can tell you if you have HIV. It can be asymptomatic for a long time after infection.

    And it doesn't matter if it was ONLY vaginal and ONLY for 2 minutes. For cripe's sake, man, you could have sentenced yourself to death because of your ignorance. I don't mean to be nasty but I surely hope you learned something from that incident. No amount of passion or sex is worth your life.

    Go get tested tomorrow!!!!! I earnestly hope you get good news.

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    Ok calm down. Just to let you know a HIV virus probably won't be detectable until 2 weeks after contact. Don't stress yourself just be careful who you sleep with. And yes your nausea maybe from paranoia I have to work on this also. Go get tested again...its free and the doctor will be glad to asnwer any and all your questions.

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    Well, this is quite a story...unfortunately, you still can be either + or -, after 1st test, to early to tell. Get retested in 3 months. It's good that you are without any symptoms, which eliminates a couple of the STI/STD's. Since you are convinced that she possibly could be +, then, I don't think you should have sex with her again, protected nor unprotected. Your last comments about vaginal and two minutes and without ejac...is irrelevant to STD/STI's, since there was skin-to-skin contact. Good Luck

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    well she said she was negative. if you are so nervous keep checking. I think after 6 months you are in the clear so check again in 4 months. you had contact so if she was HIV positive its possible, but again she said that she was negative. i wouldn't be worried about something thats out of your hands--just get a recheck at the 6 mo point. maybe you should speak to a therapist if you stress easy thats an early killer too.

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    Calm down...if you havent had any signs or symptoms, just paranoia then you should be ok, just keep getting yourself checked regulary. You probably shouldnt be having sex with strangers if you freak out this easily

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    Get tested for everything now. A full exam, and then get another one in 6 months. Always get a full exam every year.

    But as far as worrying about it, read proudmom's statement above.

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