Why do Christians get to cite individual passages, but Atheists are lectured for taking it "out of context?"

And most of the time when you go through the context, it really doesn't add anything at all... it might be about Jesus walking through a city street drinking water or something like that.

It is usually either that, or the person reading the passage decides to decree the passage "allegory." Admittedly there are some who simply accept the passage for what it is. Those people appear most often to see God as a giant mystery box and have no desire for rational answers to things concerning the bible or God.

So basically I'm asking: what's the problem with humoring an atheist with a question related to a specific passage from the bible, or is it that atheists should just highlight the passage and paste the entire bible surrounding the passage into the question?

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    It's basically like this: some Christians refuse to give us the benefit of the doubt and they assume that most of us approach the Bible with the purpose to discredit it, which is so untrue - at least in my case. I approached it on several occassions with a clean heart and felt nothing. What ticks them off is that we're not touched by what we find in there, but driven apart from the whole concept.

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    Funny how that double standard works, isn't it? I got accused of that very thing - "you're taking the bible out of context." - on the very first question I asked with this account, where I compared passages that clearly contradicted each other. So I double checked, just to be sure. What context? There was no context I was taking things out of; just a bunch of stuff that contradicted a bunch of other stuff that Christians quote all the time on a stand alone basis and expect me to swallow as infallible. Whatever. I've found that you make more progress repeatedly slamming your head against a concrete wall than trying to get through to people that desperately need to believe in the bible that it just doesn't make any sense.

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    Lmao, nicely done.

    I asked the same thing to my wife and some of my friends lately, and none of them could really come up with a decent counter argument for it.

    I also posted a similar comment on one of my other questions about scripture.

    And most Christians will argue about the Holy Spirit pointing them in the right way, but arguably we all have that same spirit by their own philosophy, so its' a bit of a moot argument.

    Honestly I see nothing wrong with humoring an atheist, in fact I do love a good discussion with logical and informed arguments. To tell someone one they're wrong for doing the same thing you're doing is pretty pointless.

    The way I see it, if someone is willing to step up and provide some "evidence" for their claims without being an idiot about it, they should be encouraged, not rejected.

    just my two pennies


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    How DARE you ask that question! Jimbo 7:25 says that anyone who asks that question is in league with SATAN!!!

    On a more serious note, I agree, it's just irritating. For example, there was a question on here yesterday asking if people who quote 'judge not lest ye be judged' are just sinners trying to use a loophole. Far as I can see, it's more the case that that particular quote is ignored far too often by intolerant idiots who try and use scripture as an excuse for their own prejudices.

    Simple fact; if one set of people can use scripture as an argument, they can't turn around and whine when an opposing group uses it as well.

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    Christians can't even agree amongst themselves about many verses in the Bible, how much more the Atheists? Oddly enough, I have noticed that the Atheists know more about the Bible than some Christians I have seen on here. Maybe it's because the Atheists don't have religious leaders to guide them, and man made traditions instilled in them.

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    i do not think there is anything wrong for an atheist to ask questions or mention a passage from the bible.

    i would encourage it!

    context is vital for all of us whether we believe or not. we need to understand who is being addressed and the reason for what is being said... many wrongs have been committed by so called followers of God, by using out of context passages to reinforce something that is not of God.

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    I think it's a combination of christians thinking that the as they are christians they then know everything even though they pick and choose and it feels like athiests know more then they do and some hypocrisy and some chistians not admitting that they are wrong and trying to win byu altering the debate

    humouring means respect which isn't a typical christian's strength

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    Well when it's taken out of context it confuses people who are really here to learn, you plant a seed that may never grow.

    It's blasphemous at times, because it is also mocking God when you have no idea. Some things in the bible that you poke fun at and use certain ritual from OT or killings from the OT that you don't even realize what was going on at that time.

    Because you don't believe in demons or angelic conflict you will never understand why it had to be that way demons overpopulating the earth by having "relationship" with man etc. Trying to corrupt mankind so that Christ could never come (this was Satans plan at the time) that is why the flood, that is why alot of things.... but then again, you just don't want to hear it.... so humor yourself if you have to but we don't think it is very cool

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    There is a little more to it, you need to understand the history of the time of Christ and who he spoke to. Then you get a more 3 dimensional view of what really happened. Certainly you will agree that the better understanding you have of any subject, the clearer it becomes, and no man has all the answers.

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    Well, without citing specific scriptures, it would be difficult give you specific examples.

    But, from what I see about most atheists who quote scriptures, is that they take the scriptural reference out of context. It's no better than a person who takes sentence of a law without looking at not only the surrounding passages, but the reasons for that law.

    Very rarely do I see that the atheists understand or use the scriptures in context. When they do that, I'll give you a thumbs up.

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