How does Arab Israel feel like living in Israel?

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    An Arab Muslim traveled through Israel and wrote

    Another Israeli Arab informed me that Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights. In fact, Israel is one of the few countries in the Middle East where Arab women can vote. In contrast to the non-Israeli Arab world, Arab women in Israel enjoy the same status as men. Muslim women have the right to vote and to be elected to public office. Muslim women, in fact are more liberated in Israel than in any Muslim country. Israeli law prohibits polygamy, child marriage, and the barbarity of female sexual mutilation.

    Moreover, I found out that there are no incidences of honor killings in Israel. The status of Muslim women in Israel is far above that of any country in the region. Israeli health standards are by far the highest in the Middle East and Israeli health institutions are freely open to all Arabs, on the same basis as they are to Jews.

    Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel and underlines the tolerant nature of the Jewish State. All the street signs call out their names in Arabic alongside Hebrew. It is official policy of the Israeli government to foster the language, culture, and traditions of the Arab minority, in the educational system and in daily life. Israel's Arabic press is the most vibrant and independent of any country in the region. There are more than 20 Arabic periodicals. They publish what they please, subject only to the same military censorship as Jewish publications. There are daily TV and radio programs in Arabic.

    Arabic is taught in Jewish secondary schools. More than 350,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel's founding, there was one Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools. Israeli universities are renowned centers of learning in the history and literature of the Arab Middle East.

    Aware of the constraints that a non-Wahhabi is faced with while performing religious rituals in Saudi Arabia, Kiran (my wife) could not hide her surprise at the freedoms and ease with which peoples of all religions and faiths were carrying out their religious obligations at the Church of the holy Sepulcher, Garden Tomb, Sea of Galilee, newly discovered Western Wall Tunnels, Western Wall, tomb of King David and all the other holy places we visited.

    All religious communities in Israel enjoy the full protection of the State. Israeli Arabs --Muslims, as well as many Christian denominations -- are free to exercise their faiths, to observe their own weekly day of rest and holidays and to administer their own internal affairs. Some 80,000 Druze live in 22 villages in northern Israel. Their religion is not accessible to outsiders and Druze constitute a separate cultural, social and religious Arabic-speaking community. The Druze concept of taqiyya calls for complete loyalty by its adherents to the government of the country in which they reside. As such, among other things, the Druze serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Each religious community in Israel has its own religious councils and courts, and has full jurisdiction over religious affairs, including matters of personal status, such as marriage and divorce. The holy sites of all religions are administered by their own authorities and protected by the government.

    The big houses owned by Arab Israelis and the amount of construction that was going on in the Arab towns exposed the falsity of propaganda that Israel discriminates against Israeli Arabs from buying lands. I found out that in the early part of the century, the Jewish National Fund was established by the World Zionist Congress to purchase land in Palestine for Jewish settlement. Of the total area of Israel, 92 percent belongs to the State and is managed by the Land Management Authority. It is not for sale to anyone, Jew or Arab.

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    As I am Egyptian I would like to talk from my point of view,

    first of all if we forget that Israel is Jew's country and they make difference between Jew's and others,

    Israel is organized country and Palestinian live there they have chance to have a good chance of life bet er than the rest of plastinian.

    economic of Israel is supported so no problem for them.

    as I saw Arab 48 they enjoy there life in Taba and other countreis too.

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    First, definitions: Arabs can be Muslim, Christian, or Jewish and all of the abobe live in Israel. I think you are looking for info about Muslims who live in Israel. Muslims who live in Israel are Israeli citizens and have all the same rights as other citizens of Israel. That said their is defenite discrimination in Israel against Muslims, much akin to the discrimnation of any minority populace of a country that feels threatened by them. Som Muslims in Israel are patriotic Israelis, some are 5th columnists, others just live their lives, paying as little heed to the circumstance of their minority status as possible.

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    They must love it since Arab Israelis rarely immigrate to other countries, like Arabs do from other countries. You don't see Israeli Arabs fooling Western women with low self esteem into marrying them for visas and green cards like Arabs do from other countries.

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    The first answerer is obviously British:)

    As an Israeli who was born and raised in Jaffa, a home to a large Arab population, I can tell you they are treated like everyone else.

    They are business owners, teachers, managers, high-tech professionals, students, mothers, etc.

    In places like Jaffa and Jerusalem you can hear the muezzin calling for prayer five times a day; the mosques always seem to be crowded.

    Again; I am an Israeli but not an Arab, so my answer is a product of my persoanl observations.

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    Well am, my father is Israeli Arab and my mother is English, thought I would object to her being described as having a "low self esteem"...

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    they are treated as citizens, they get the same rights as every other israeli. and most of them love it, and would rather live in israel then in the other arab countries

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    has no problem with it ...israelis are friendly ..beautiful and liberal great t.v. greatnight life many many oportunities for advancement

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    they aint palestenians

    and they are not treated as israel cetizens

    so u can imagine


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