Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Line?

I'm going to buy some of the products from the Paul M. Super Skinny Line. I know I'll need the shampoo, but what else? What does each thing do and how does it better the straightening process. My hair routine usually consists of washing, towel drying half hair, bow drying (if I'm in a rush) and straightening because my hair poofs out. Sometimes I have to straighten my hair just to put it up in a ponytail. Thanks so much for your help!

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    ok so you gonna get the shampoo but try the super skinny only need very little. it reduces drying time up to 30% !!...after you blowdry or iron or both take 1 pump rub into hands and distribute through your hair starting in the middle put the access from your hands on the top of your head....its the best selling line in my salon a lot of my clients use it and i use it on them as well...i love it...i hope i helped....good luck..

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    Ok I sold this brand of hair products, still use it and love it! The entire category is designed to give you sleek, shiny hair, with minimal effort.

    The Shampoo/Treatment: when used together will act like a squeegee for the hair (meaning it will reduce drying time and will "shrink" the diameter of the hair shaft leaving it skinny not plump) The shampoo is very mild and will not damage the hair. The treatment is a protector. It is heat activated/thermal protectant, to keep the hair silky and smooth with minimal damage.

    The Serum: (One of my fave products, use it everyday!!) Is the third step in reducing that dry time. It is a light weight styling serum with mild conditioning agents. So your best benefit is to use on wet hair however, i like to use it on dry hair as well to help "break up curls" or give separation to styles.

    Striaght Works: I recommend this for hair that is a bit "unruly" more coarse and wavy, on the thicker side. This is more of a gel consistency and is heavier than the serum. It also has conditioning agents to keep the hair soft and healthy, again is to be used on wet hair. I use this when i want a serious super straight runway look, but is not necessary in my everyday straightening needs.

    Relaxing Balm: NEW!!!! It is the perfect mix of serum and straight works. Another cool thing is that this product is humidity resistant so it will help keep your hair straight even on those rainy yucky days!!! I love it but still use serum with this. (apply on wet hair)

    Gloss Drops: Finishing product. This is a silicone based shiny finisher. It is heavier than the serum (serum is runny, this is more dense) I like to use the serum on dry hair because it is more light weight. However, gloss drops is shinier. So it depends on what look you are going for.

    The entire line has a really nice melon-berry fragrance and is very gentle on your hair. I love it and hope this helps!!!

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    i use and love paul mitchell. i use the instant moister shampoo and conidtioner and the super skinny serum and it works awesome. so def get the serum, i use the one in the clear bottle, i think there is one that comes in a white bottle as well. hope that helps!

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  • def. get the serum it works amazingg. its the one in the clear bottle.

    PS in the summer i use paul mitchell baby dont cry, the line. its for babys but it does wonders for your hair in the summer. including stripping out the chlorine and adding moisture.

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