Shakespeare quote:.....manish coward...?

I'm almost sure it's from "The Merrchant of Venice", but I can't find it. Two women dress as men and one of them says somethng like: ".....we'll have a swash and a swagger as many a mannish coward has."

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It could be from Macbeth, but I'm not sure; however, I do know that Vogue's Anna Wintour called Hillary Clinton a mannish coward.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Were it not better,

    Because that I am more than common tall,

    That I did suit me all points like a man?

    A gallant curtle-axe upon my thigh,

    A boar-spear in my hand; and - in my heart

    Lie there what hidden woman’s fear there will -

    We’ll have a swashing and a martial outside,

    As many other mannish cowards have

    That do outface it with their semblances"

    It's Rosalind speaking to Celia, from 'As You Like It', Act 2, Scene 2. Off-hand, I can't tell you what lines it is, but the exchange was drilled into me years ago at highschool.

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