It's called ETHNIC CLEANSING but not if it's the SERBS. Why is that?

The world must have needed another Muslim nation really bad. We just rewarded the Albanians from Kosovo with their own nation, and now all weak countries will lose their territory to their neighborhood bullies.

Imagine the US and al Qaeda brothers in arms again. Fighting on the same side for the same cause. I thought we quit utter stupidity like this after 9/11.

George Bush, who have you protected here? Bill Clinton's legacy? The French government's? No more speeches about freedom being a gift from God please. I'll be sick.

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    Do you people have selective reasoning.

    I had to watch Serb snipers shoot unarmed civilians from the hills around Kosovo every night on TV.

    Clinton presuaded NATO to halt (halt!) a seemingly endless civil war. No American soldiers died and peace reigned within weeks.

    This is not to condemn all Serbian people but some miscreants.

    From Wikipedia:

    The second was Operation Allied Force, a 1999 NATO bombing campaign against the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Clinton authorized the use of American troops in the mission to stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide[46][47] of Albanians at the hands of the nationalist Serbians. General Wesley Clark was Supreme Allied Commander of NATO at the time and oversaw the mission. The bombing campaign ended on June 10, 1999, with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 adopted that same day, placing Kosovo under UN administration and authorizing a peacekeeping force.[48] NATO claimed to have suffered zero deaths in combat,[49] and two deaths total from an Apache helicopter crash.[50] Opinions in the popular press criticized pre-war genocide claims by Clinton and his administration as greatly exaggerated.[51][52] A U.N. Court ruled that genocide did not take place, although it did recognize, "a systematic campaign of terror, including murders, rapes, arsons and severe maltreatments".[53] The term "ethnic cleansing" was used as an alternative to "genocide" to denote not just ethnically motivated murder but also displacement, though critics charge there is no difference.[54] Slobodan Milošević, the President of Yugoslavia at the time, was eventually charged with the "murders of about 600 individually identified ethnic Albanians" and "crimes against humanity".[55]

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    Well, because the ethnic cleansing was directed at Orthodox Christians.

    Talk about backing the wrong horse...

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    Ethnic cleansing- is only applied when a group of people try to wipe out a certain ethnicity.

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    This is the genocide that billy had to stop, can not have them killing off white people. Of course when there was genocide against black people in Rwanda.....well, apparently THAT was ok.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ahhhh yes, Serbia, another country that Bill Clinton invaded (that never attacked us).

    I guess its different when a Dem president does it ; )

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