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What was the name of the original band from the 1970's that sang the 1977 hit Sour Girl?

I know Stone Temple Pilots sang it in 2000 however in that same year I was listening the All request 70's show on a F.M> radio station and always heard that song, I forgot who the name of that band was, if anyone knows, please tell me?

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    You must be thinking of a different song....

    "Sour Girl" is a song by Stone Temple Pilots. The song was written by singer Scott Weiland and guitarist Dean DeLeo for their band's fourth album, aptly titled No. 4. It is the only STP song to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 78. "Sour Girl" was one of STP's biggest hits since the Core and Purple eras

    Weiland wrote the song in reference to his first marriage, in which his then-wife was unhappy with him but upbeat and happy-go-lucky without him

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    Really ? Id be interested to know.

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