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is there such thing as a straight line in the universe?

I've been puzzled with this question. I can't see that if you look down to the tiny minute details, of everything, that there is anything resembling a straight if there isn't what shape should I relate them too?

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    How would we know when there is so much more to discover?!

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    There are no straight lines in the universe, however you can only tell this as an outside observer. Due to the fact that the universe is an enclosed space, and we can never reach the end of the universe, if you head for the edge of the universe you must travel in a curved line. However you wouldn't notice this because your whole body, spacecraft, and the spacetime that you were travelling through would be warped by gravity.

    Put simply, there are no straight lines in the universe, but we can only tell by seeing the path of others, not view it from our own perspective.

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    yes there is a straight line in space. laws of geometry state that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. so to get from point a to point b go straight. now, everything is moving in space, where is the destination point? unless you "track and lead", your target is gone, so you have to adjust course to catch it. Hence no more straight line.

    Source(s): Logic's Theory of Relatives
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    That depends on how you define "straight line".

    It may seem like a mathematical object, but the reality is that there is no perfectly straight line.

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    maybe spherical.

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