Ever since I slept with this guy a year and a half ago. Please Help.?

This guy went down on me with a cold sore on his lip. Also slept with him with no condom how stupid could I be I had to much to drink that night or else this would of never happened to me. Ever since I have been very itchy like extreme and sore I could barely walk it was horrible achs and pains even in my butt the anus feels sore sometimes.It was worse before but it is still really bad I can not where under wear or even tighter fit pants or I will get extremely itchy and it never goes away. And after sex the itch will be really bad for three days I just don't know what to do anymore been to the docters tested negative for all std's is there something else it could be that I have not heard of???? The doctor said it could not be herpes because it goes away and then comes back. Is there any other test I could ask for?

I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

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    Its herpes, most likely hsv-1, which is probably what he had on his lips. That would explain everything, the itching, the hurting after sex... You have genital herpes simplex 1, could be hsv-2, who knows. But it def sounds like genital herpes. Go to the doc and get an std screen. Dont take the meds that the doc offers you, it will make your symptoms worse, trust me.

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    I Do not think that you contracted Herpes.Though there is the possibilitie at any given time,if someone suffers from a cold sore,that when his lips touch your "secret garden" you will get this down there too.It sounds to me that either you are allergig to his sperm ,his sweat perhaps? ,or this could be an imagined itching.Means the fear allone that you could have contracted Herpes makes you itch.(Not contious though)

    If you wouldn`t have said,that you`ve already seen a doctor,my guess would be that you have a simple yeast infection.In the beginning it itches a lot but later on (because you cannot help it but scratch) it will become very painful.

    You get treatment at any pharmacy.

    Try to relax and take every day a short bath with chamomille

    See a doctor,if you haven`t already.

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    Yes, you could get a herpes test. Him having a cold sore would not cause any problems long term. Herpes 1 is oral herpes and Herpes 2 is genital. Many people have itching after sex, but it could still be an STD b/c it can take a year for them to show up or several for certain STDs to show up such as HPV.

    Source(s): mom is OBGYN
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    it sounds to me like you have a YEAST INFECTION. not an std. they can come and go and get much worse after sex and if you are wearing tight fitting clothes.

    if you really went to the doctor's and were checked for all stds then you don't have one. be relieved.

    getcha some monistat.

    i swear, that's probably what it is.


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    1 decade ago

    If you go to the doctor and they are unable to diagnose you, then find a new doctor. A second opinion is much needed here!

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    actually it just sounds like you are allergic to sperm.

    or either you are having sex without enough lubrication...

    or allergic to condoms, im leaning more towards being allergic to condoms, when i had my allergic reaction to latex condoms it was pretty much the same.

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