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What materials/fabrics do you think lolita dresses are made out of?

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    I use mostly cottons that have small patterns. If you use patterns that are the same both ways up (ie. if you rotate the fabric)the pattern still repeats in the same fashion, that makes it much easier to cut out and you use less fabric - because you are not trying to match the fabric pattern. Hope this makes sense.

    I also find that some curtain or drapery fabric works well because a) it has more body so you don't need to line it or use petticoats and b) there are some gorgeous chintzes and other florals or toilles that work well. Regency strip also works well for some of the 'Baby the Stars Shine Bright' outfits. (I find a picture and then make it to look similar, since I can't afford to pay $300 for dresses for my daughter).

    The main thing with Lolita dresses is that you finish them off with lace, ribbons, bows, gathers, frills etc., and that is what gives them the Lolita look.

    Trims can be very expensive so a good way to get them for less is to shop second hand stores - often they will clear out the sewing supplies from estates or just people who are cleaning up. Also you can try rummage sales for fabrics and trims.

    You can also salvage lace and so forth from used garments and re-use. For example, old fashioned night gowns often have great laces and trims - or bridal dresses. You can get these at second hand stores for much less, too.

    Once in a while you can find a bridesmaid dress that you can cut off, tizzy up and use it for Lolita.

    Don't use satins or anything shiny as it looks really cheap.

    Stick to cottons.

    Another possibility is bedding sheets. If you find sheets that are made of a small floral print, you can often use these for a dress.....and that's very inexpensive, too.

    I am making a dress right now that is from a pattern for a 'Marie Antoinette' style costume. The pattern is from the costume section of the pattern catalogue.

    I'm making it with no linining, just out of cotton, and making it knee-length. It has a panel down the front, a bodice with bows across and sleeves that flare from the elbow. I am making it out of a fabric that has pink, white and strawberry coloured hearts all over and then the central panel is strawberry coloured.

    So look at costume patterns and then get cottons that are going out on sale....the more over the top the print, the better.

    Oh, and you can also use a fabric that in Australia is called Broderie Anglaise....not sure what it is called elsewhere. It is usually in soft colours - pink, blue and buttercup all look's the lace and trims that make it.

    Hope this helps.

    You can email me to if you have more questions.

    Tereen Hough

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    It depends on the quality of the dress. Low quality dresses usually use a satin-like material. If it's shiny looking, I wouldn't use it.

    If you want to know what higher quality dresses (like brand-name) are usually made of, they use high quality lace, that's not scratchy, and thick so it won't wear out or be torn easily, and they usually use cloth that's mostly cotton, the thickness would depend on the season it is mean to be worn in. They use ribbons that don't fray quite so easily, and aren't shiny.

    I hope I helped.

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    this is many times some style of cotton-based cloth. i've got seen each style used...gingham, poplin, stuff like that. good hues are typical, yet you additionally can use some varieties and be ok. you do no longer desire to apply fabric like satin in any respect. For the lace, attempt to apply superb cotton lace, no longer a budget scratchy stuff they many times sell in fabric shops or the craft portion of Wal-Mart. It purely would not look as sturdy and it must be uncomfortable if it comes into touch inclusive of your dermis in any respect.

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    What is a lolita dress?

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    i like satin with lots of lace. first off what kind of lolita are you?

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    wut is a lolita dress

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