bleeding when im suppose to be ovuelating ???

hi, im looking for some help because im trying to get pregnant im 31 will be 32 in march and i really want to have a baby at this age i already have two boys by my husband now they are teens so its been awhile so i find out when im ovuelating and now i have minor cramps with very light blood i dont know why this is happening this is where i need your help and also im trying so hard but dont really know what im doing ! any tips out there things i can eat or do etc...... thank you so much

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  • 1 decade ago
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    um well it could be implatin bleeding jst wait till you miss your period and also the only thing to do is to do it around your ovulating time theres not much you can do and you can try different positions.

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    It is really really normal to have ovulation fact, I had it last month!


    About 10 days ago, around the time I would have ovulated, I spotted for a day. What could this mean? Could I be pregnant?


    Occasionally women will experience spotting at the time of ovulation. Usually this occurs because the levels of estrogen decrease.

    This does not mean that you would necessarily have trouble conceiving, if that is your desire. Spotting will occur with most women on occasion, and yes, it is possible that you could be pregnant if you had intercourse during this time.

    I would recommend a urine pregnancy test about the time you expect your period.

    There are a TON of links about ovulation spotting if you want to yahoo them or google them =)

    Good Luck!!!

    If it helps, I spotted for a day last month around ovulation and got pregnant!!!

    (although it ended in a chemical pregnancy..)

    So, anything is possible!

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